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    Sliding on a Mountain Road at Night

    by , 06-10-2018 at 11:12 AM (66 Views)
    Morning of June 10, 2018. Sunday.

    This dream utilizes a very unusual level of integrated non-lucid dream control where I am aware of the nature of the autosymbolism as relevant to vestibular system correlation. This term even occurs to me in my dream. It is seemingly a deliberate dream experiment that results in a new experience with vestibular system correlation. Still, I do not consider how illogical it is.

    Zsuzsanna seems to be ahead of me as we travel over a very narrow mountain road. Originally, it seems we were in a car, though that changes. As I slide over the road in darkness in the middle segment of my dream, my sense of touch is amplified as I feel myself move along on my stomach on the road, yet with no sense of friction. It is a very curious perception and heightened tangibility, though probably includes association with the liminal knowledge that vehicles in dreams typically represent an autosymbolic extension of the physical body. The thickness of the road only seems about an inch, but is very high in the mountains. There is a very deep valley far below, yet I do not consider that I might fall even as I reach each curve. I maneuver very well.

    I have no trouble holding onto each edge of the road on each side of me as I move along through the mountain range, with no contemplation of how the road is staying up. Although it seems like a great challenge, my path is effortless, and I comment to Zsuzsanna about the road’s dynamics.

    There is a point where I am aware I am dreaming in the last segment as well as realizing it had been non-lucid dream control and deliberate experimentation with the dream state. There is even a supposed section that needs to be linked to the previous section. It involves looking at the foot of our bed and seeing a white cloth object that is somewhat like an oversized pom pom, which is supposed to be autosymbolism for the end of the road trip, the road ending near the head of our bed, but of a somewhat abstract change.

    Having a greatly enhanced sense of touch and movement in some dream sequences that have little or no imagery has been very common since childhood.

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