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    Soccer Fatality

    by , 10-19-2018 at 08:05 AM (169 Views)
    Morning of October 19, 2018. Friday.

    Dream #: 18,932-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 58.

    In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar field, though it eventually seems to be modeled after the playground of my elementary school. A boy is playing soccer with older males. At one point, there is an accident. He gets kicked hard by others and falls so that his body vanishes. (This is the typical nonsensical “dream logic.”)

    There are other people present making comments about the situation, saying that the boy should not have been there in the first place, implying the team members should have been within the same age range. It had been late in the afternoon, but now it is getting to be nighttime, and people are still debating the event.

    An unfamiliar male (the preconscious avatar of this dream) picks up one end of a sidewalk. (This would be the northwest area of the West Elementary playground, but my dream self is only vaguely aware of this.) I lift the other (west) side, and we pick up the whole section, though it remains mostly diagonal. The body is not underneath it. I then start talking about how the season and the temperature relates to the level of difficulty in lifting sidewalk sections. I consider that we may be checking under all the others, but I wake after this scene.

    In the study of tens of thousands of my dreams on a day-to-day basis since childhood (for over fifty years), I have unlocked the recurring function of the preconscious helping my non-lucid dream self to resolve enigmatic space and return to consciousness. An aspect of this is “finding the sleeper,” which stems from the obvious subliminal thought of “Am I sleeping?” as well as “Where am I?” or “Where can my conscious self be found?” (to return to real life, not from the philosophical standpoint.)

    The RAS simulacrum is lifting a sidewalk section to look under it, and I decide to help him (choosing to participate in my potential wakefulness). This process stems from childhood lucid dreams, where I would deliberately evade the RAS process and its avatars by sinking into the ground and chanting “invisible, invisible.” (I would find myself in an underground cave. I used to use devices, such as canes and bracelets with buttons, to augment my intent of sustaining my dream.)

    The location is the same area where I deliberately sank under the ground in childhood lucid dreams, to sustain my adventure and the dream state after emergence into its vivified form. (Now, I mostly use doors, staircases, and virtual melatonin reinducers; water splashes and Naiads.)

    The reticular formation’s simulacrum lifting the sidewalk section is modeled after the lifting of a trapdoor, to remind me that my waking life identity can leave the essence of the dream world. The falling boy was the vestibular event. My location and orientation in contrast to the preconscious avatar’s were the same as in those early dreams. (Ultimately, I am, at least physically, no longer a boy, so that property will not necessarily emerge during the waking process.)

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