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    Soul’s Union of the Quetzal and the Silver Sebright Bantam

    by , 03-30-1986 at 08:41 AM (204 Views)
    Morning of March 30, 1986. Sunday. Easter.

    This dream has very strong imagery and is of the highest importance to me. This is actually two dreams, with the more vivid one I will detail first that actually seemed to literally interrupt the other dream (which has only happened a few times more clearly in my life), like suddenly changing the station on a radio, so to speak. (Hypnagogia has a tendency to do this with a very similar effect of a soap bubble suddenly whirling and changing, but I have not experienced it hardly at all in full sleeping dream states.)

    This “second part” was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had, I was aware of every atom and there was a sense of total timelessness (as if the universe had completely “stopped”), yet with a sensation of looking through the clear surface of a pond. I see a silver sebright bantam rooster strutting about in the front yard of my King Street home. I am somehow fully aware that it is a resurrected pet of my youth. (I believe he may have suffocated when he fell asleep near me and then I fell asleep so I felt really bad, but it may, according to my mother, have been from eating brown recluse spiders, velvet ants, and fire ants that there were a lot of around at the time, including ones that died from pesticide).

    I feel a strong sense of joy seeing my resurrected pet in this “eternal, frozen pocket of time”; there is no more guilt or sadness of any kind. This energy is “alive” everywhere. I am frozen in the atoms themselves and the watery, ripple-like motions of the air around me. It seems that way for an unknown period of time. Eventually, I hear a strange musical sound from above. A male resplendent quetzal bird comes down and sits on a hedge and makes very unusual (almost metallic and layered) sounds. The sebright rooster acknowledges the bird on the hedge by walking closer to it and stands in seeming expectation, almost like a ritual devotion. I have an awareness that either the quetzal will remain earthbound for its partner/“spiritual brother” for as long as needed (even forever) or that the rooster will soon learn to fly in a more viable way than the eagle. The amazing, multicolored quetzal and the “plain” black-and-white sebright look at each other as I wake slowly, feeling a sense of Yin and Yang uniting (even though Yin is technically female).

    Although the first part of my dream (below) was so accurate in precognitive aspects as to be undeniable, I also got a fleeting idea that the rooster was my left side and the quetzal was my right side (though in my dream, the rooster is on the right and the quetzal on the left - however, left and right are supposed to be mentally reversed relative to physical control of the body according to sources I have seen).

    The details of my dream that turned out to be correct always gave me a deep feeling of the absurdity of certain people I knew relating such things to coincidence. For example, in my dream both I and a girl I had not seen for over a year were wearing blue long johns. Before walking to my sister’s house, I had assumed this was just some sort of odd dream association. In real life, when I went to my sister’s house, the people from my dream were actually there, and the girl was, very oddly, wearing blue long johns on the outside; never saw this before or since. In my dream, the girl had a Casio digital sampler keyboard (CASIO SK-1) of the same model that I had in real life that I had bought a few months before (which I had also thought was only an in-dream association). In real life, that was also correct; she had won it in a radio promo. In my dream the two older people (one being the girl’s mother, the other being the girl’s mother’s boyfriend at the time) as well as the girl, had a single red welt on the right side of their face, all in the same spot. This also turned out to be true. In my dream, the man I had only seen before as thin was quite plump, and this also turned out to be true. Several other minor details turned out to be correct, including the plastic from her keyboard being in the middle of the dining room table. When I walked into my sister’s house, I just sort of stood there in total puzzlement for a few minutes - I could not even speak for about an hour or so. I had not known these people would visit my sister - let alone on Easter (they came from Chicago, Illinois to La Crosse, Wisconsin).

    Even so, I was still at a stage where I rarely mentioned such things to other people, before or after. Since my childhood, the more intelligence or awareness I expressed, the more “different” I was seen as. I even stayed back by choice at my “proper” grade level (the school always wanted to put me two grades higher) but I did not want to leave my friends and I also felt out of place around a lot of much taller kids that I would have been classmates with.

    The other important connection is that my wife’s mother painted such a bird quite some time before our real-life contact in 1991. This bird was also in a special syndicated cutout published on the day of my birth, which I did not discover until August of 2014.

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