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    Sudden Bed (atop a birdcage) PRECOGNITIVE

    by , 10-19-2016 at 04:19 PM (164 Views)
    Morning of October 19, 2016. Wednesday.

    Dream #: 18,202-07. Reading time: 45 sec.

    I am in the Cubitis house’s living room in the morning. The setting puzzles me, but I do not consider it is the wrong location. (I have not lived there since 1978.) I feel tired and decide to nap. I absentmindedly flop down atop a birdcage about three feet high. At the same time, our oldest son does something with one of its doors followed by a strange vocalized “Eeeeee”. I am unsure if there is a bird in the cage, but it serves as my unlikely mattress frame. It is in the southwest area of the living room in a space that would not be big enough to be lengthways against the west wall from the corner as my bedroom’s door was there in reality.

    My dream had a precognitive layer (despite its typical processing dynamics where a cage represents my lack of physical movement while asleep and flight associations stem from a lack of viable discernment of my physical body while sleeping). A male lovebird we had for years somehow opened its cage door, and got out. Our oldest son tried to catch it, but it escaped.

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