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    Swimming with Plesiosaurs (House by the Lake)

    by , 11-07-1976 at 05:07 PM (355 Views)
    Morning of November 7, 1976. Sunday.

    Water induction autosymbolism commences. Water is dream state autosymbolism for the essence of sleep. The presence of the water in mid-afternoon is more beautiful than ever. It sparkles and radiates in the promise of healing and maximum well-being. Water is life.

    I had apparently come out from the water and that which had made me. There are several times when I open my eyes and squint due to the brightness of the sun directly overhead. The backyard of my Cubitis home has changed but I do not take that much notice to this. It seems I had fallen asleep in the backyard. The orange grove is not present. There is a large lake with islands rising in the distance as I gaze northward. Everything is so bright, well-defined, and vivid.

    It seems as if I am slipping back and forth between my real bed and this “bed” in semi-lucidity. In my illogical thinking, I am wondering which location is where I really am. Perhaps both are real. Perhaps both are an illusion. The backyard is no longer covered with green grass, but smooth white ovular stones of about the size of my hands. This is not uncomfortable.

    Eventually, when I hold my eyes open for a longer time, the head and neck of a very small plesiosaur, about the size of a cat, emerges from the lake about three feet from its shore. It has the grace of a swan. It sways somewhat as it seems to be watching me. Soon, there are a total of six. They all swim closer toward the shore, seeming curious of my presence. I am unsure if they are baby plesiosaurs or a miniature species.

    I eventually enter the cool wonderful water. I swim with these creatures in a smooth and enjoyable event. It is a wonderful and peaceful experience. It is as if I am seen as a part of their world and they are welcoming me, though I am still fully aware of my human form. Euphoria. Can you imagine anything better than swimming in cool pure water in the dream state? The brain and heart are both about 73 percent water. It is the unsullied expansion of the self to be within this depth in the dream state. We swim to the depths of the lake, but eventually this segment of my dream fades.

    In an offset dream, seemingly without waking fully, I now seem incorporeal. I am aware of a very large flatbed truck carrying our house to Wisconsin over a curved fictional highway beyond where the railroad tracks are in real life, to the east. I hover and watch the event. There is a vague focus on the house falling off this large truck as it makes a turn but I subliminally choose not to will this to happen, even after my dream resets and the scene repeats. It goes around a curve near a high embankment. I feel a sense of amusement as if I can shape the outcome in any way I choose.

    Years later, there was a highway in real life in that same area (though no lake or backyard of smooth white stones was ever a feature to this day). Although there had been talk of widening the highway (which has never happened to this day), that was regarding the original Highway Seventeen beyond our front yard to the west. I found it quite odd that the highway instead was built as in my dream. I never considered that this would actually happen.

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