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    Sword and Blood

    by , 05-25-2015 at 11:25 AM (249 Views)
    Morning of May 25, 2015. Monday.

    I am not sure of the location or even the immediate setting, though I am living with my wife yet seem to be about twenty years younger. There is a slight essence of Stadcor Street in Brisbane, but it also seems like an apartment building with a hallway (though not reminiscent of the King Street boarding house this time) and it may be on the first floor.

    I eventually notice an intruder sitting on my left (about six feet away), though do not strongly associate him as such at first (as he may instead be a friendly visitor I had somehow forgotten about). My first intent is to wake up my wife by calling out her name. I am seated and she is sleeping on a bed (or possibly a couch in which the back drops down to make a single bed) to my right. Once again, I call out someone’s name and they do not respond (recently recurring in-dream situation). Zsuzsanna continues to sleep peacefully after I say her name loudly about four or five times. Thus, I decide that instead of getting her up and us leaving the room until I work out the intruder’s intent, I will get up and make him leave by physical force.

    Eventually I realize that I am holding a sword, so I put it up against his neck to make him leave the room. I continue to hold it up as he moves back and into the hall, close to the door to the apartment or room where he apparently lives. I still tap his neck a few times, drawing a bit of blood as he backs up against his door. I decide to let him go into his apartment and so I turn to go back to where my wife and I are seemingly living. However, I notice more and more blood flowing out from my right arm and going everywhere, including making a puddle on the floor (and my wife is still sleeping). This is quite possibly one of the most vivid bleeding dreams I have ever had as I am fully aware of my body and presence - and the perspective is “perfect” as well (with no typical distortions of any kind). I enter a very well-defined state of clarity and awareness as I continue to stand while looking down at all the blood. On the one hand, I know I am bleeding in a possibly fatal manner, trying to work out how it even happened as the other male did not have a sword. The cut is over my upper right arm (about the entire length of my upper arm) and blood is flowing everywhere. I slowly wake, though with the tentative confidence that I will somehow survive.

    The meaning behind this dream, I would normally just attribute to being a metaphor for the waking process (and the “death” of the transient dream self upon entering the waking process). However, it also implements a remote viewing connection, which is relative to the same event that my wife remote viewed in a different way. In her case, she remote viewed a dream scene where a child was talking on a toy telephone. Today, in the mail (without the slightest idea it would occur), we received several childhood photos of me from one of my older sisters for the first time ever (I am still of the belief that remote viewing requires at least two active minds - in this case the other mind being that of my sister’s - who sent the photos). In one of them, I am holding a toy telephone, validating my wife’s very consistent remote viewing perception over the years (after all, she accurately remote viewed my childhood long before we met). Another photo is from around the time I had my near-fatal accident and NDE in 1962 where I lost a lot of blood as a toddler and miraculously did not go into shock and soon self-trained my left hand to work again over time (and “rewired” my brain by force of will at a very young age - thus my enhanced dream memory and understanding among other things) even though it was “certain” (by the doctors’ claim) that my wrist and hand would be paralyzed for life. As such, some memories from age one and a half resurfaced, but only those related to the park visits. Basically, this dream was a form of remote viewing a very old memory linked to a precognitive association of an approaching visual event and layering it in a character composite with my adult self (even though the location of the bleed-out differed in this dream, as dreams often change orientations in one way or another).

    I also feel that there may be some meaning here regarding the calling of the name in terms of reversal while in the dream state. This situation accurately implies that my wife is awake in reality (verified) so thus is “asleep” in my own dream (and this is not the first time I have been aware in a non-lucid dream in this precise way though it depends on the type and level of the dream). This is probably similar to how the “shadow person” in a dream (especially a vivid lucid dream) is actually the waking conscious mind rather than what inexperienced people claim in it being something “darker” or potentially threatening to the real conscious self. When in a dream, it is the transient dream self that faces annihilation (in the process of waking), not the conscious self, so it is rather absurd to make the claim that a shadow in a dream is somehow “lower” than the dream self or unconscious state.

    As already noted, I made a note of how I felt it was me “reliving” my childhood trauma of nearly having my left hand cut off (even though in my dream it was my upper right arm). One of the photographs my sister sent recently (and there was no way of knowing she would send photographs) shows me during the time period I was recovering from this event which occurred July 4, 1962 and while my hand and wrist is still wrapped. In fact, I had been imagining seeing this exact same photograph recently and very unlikely - received it the day after in real life. (even though I have only heard from her a few times in the last twenty years and rarely while growing up).

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