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    Train Phasing (again)

    by , 05-30-2018 at 10:19 AM (119 Views)
    Morning of May 28, 2018. Monday.

    On my way back to waking reality by way of a passenger train (autosymbolism for both the induction and waking process), I decide to walk after remaining in passive lucidity. I hover above my seat and phase through the train as in past dreams (though in this case, actively flying ahead to phase through the front of the train rather than just letting it phase through me while I hover in a fetal position) and walk through an isolated grove, feeling a deep sense of peace and love as both my returning memory and realization of Zsuzsanna being near me in bed breaks through the liminal space barrier of the illusory dream state.

    I first developed an understanding of the illusory nature of the dream state at age three (probably why I rarely have “bad” dreams unless related to health by way of transpersonal premonitory threads). Since then, I have phased through hundreds of vehicles, including the roofs of taxis, usually entering lucid omnipresence as here. This is all about vestibular system correlation and a vehicle being an autosymbolic illusory projection of the physical body in REM sleep. However, even walking is not what I am doing in reality, as I am asleep at the time, but walking is closer to the preconscious transition than riding a train is.

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