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    Transition: Sailboat to Lungs

    by , 02-07-2016 at 08:07 AM (165 Views)
    Morning of February 7, 2016. Sunday.

    This dream, curiously enough, seems to be an offset “sequel” of one of several dreams of yesterday - “Unlikely Meteorite”. It mostly seems an unusual residual offset of the library scene just prior to the sighting of the anatomy chart. Even the same unknown female librarian is present (although she could be a version of my wife Zsuzsanna). This one makes more sense in a more discernible hypnopompic disclosure, when the meaning of a dream is more clearly revealed during the last stage of the waking transition.

    I find myself briefly thinking of a half-finished jigsaw puzzle that featured in “Unlikely Meteorite”. It was seemingly, as originally written, a simplified American clipper ship. However, I find myself in a transition where it simplifies into a modern sailboat. The librarian approaches as I look at the chart, which is now actually not a chart but some sort of three-dimensional model of a male human body encased in glass, similar to the “Visible Man” model kit but lifesize.

    The lungs of the seemingly holographic model expand and slowly deflate, then expand again, though after a time, transform into the sails of a sailboat (and I also realize that I am probably “seeing” my own breathing during sleep). I realize that, being that a sailboat is an autosymbolic dream component that can either be a dream self induction (into the dream) or a waking self transition (out of a dream), that it is also a symbol for breathing, especially as a boat is an autosymbolic extension of the physical body (as subliminally perceived in REM sleep). Watching the unusual “sailboat lungs”, I enter a lesser state of waking self perception, visualizing a sailboat on a river (as a waking conduit) to return to my full conscious self - my even breathing carrying me peacefully from my dream, the sails and lungs filling with air, turning, and relaxing, breathing outwards. It almost feels like I “completed a jigsaw puzzle” (a puzzle being autosymbolism for the subliminally perceived ambiguity between fictional dream self and conscious self identity).

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