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    Unlikely Visitors and Dream Signs

    by , 04-22-2017 at 10:22 AM (183 Views)
    Morning of April 22, 2017. Saturday.

    I am in one of the King Street apartments; one I rented in real life; the northeast one (on the second floor). However, it is also integrated with our present bedroom. As usual, this unique composite does not register as such with me. My wife Zsuzsanna is present but in another part of the room at first. An unfamiliar young black female is in our bed on her back with the sheet fully over her. There is a presumed backstory that she is staying with us, which has something to do with her husband, who is a dream journalist on the Internet, who is somehow “missing” (or to become missing?). (He has posted on that site since January of 2015 on a very regular basis, sometimes on a day to day basis, and now is not - therefore I must mark this dream thread as precognitive as there was no hint his posts would stop, even for a short time. All of my longer dreams have precognitive threads but I do not always document or update their status as such online.) We are having a conversation about what he has written and how he might be helped, though I do not recall all the details of the conversation.

    Eventually, Zsuzsanna becomes annoyed (and I guess wants to go to sleep or just for us to have privacy) and tells her to leave.

    Soon, there are several (unfamiliar) people in the room, almost as if it was some sort of reunion. The door remains open. A Tahitian girl (of about seventeen) and her white-haired mother enter the room, her mother on the right (from my viewpoint). They are dressed the same, in short bright floral dresses, and they are the same height. The girl has some of Zsuzsanna’s essence. I somehow recognize her and I feel almost like a child again. I go to hug her. When I hug her I look up and realize that she is about seven feet tall. It is extremely vivid, as other dream endings of this same nature are.

    A standing and hugging event such as this, when it does occur, always occurs in the last moments of a dream or consciousness shift into an offset dream (only when lucid in the latter case). It symbolizes coalescence with the emergent consciousness in real time. What I find very interesting is how vivid in terms of proportions it is here. On one level, it seems probable that it is based on the memory of the size-orientation of being a child and hugging an adult. On another level, it is probably a reversal of Zsuzsanna and I in perspective, though exaggerated.

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