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    An Unusual Nest

    by , 05-05-2018 at 06:43 AM (185 Views)
    Night of May 3, 2018. Thursday.

    In my dream, in full lucidity, I hover in an incorporeal form above a bird nest of mostly straw in early morning daylight. Within the bird nest are about seven gray creatures, with minimal white areas, that are all joined as one mass.

    Looking more closely, I still cannot determine if they are baby birds or kittens, although the form changes from time to time and I can sometimes make out legs or parts of wings. They seem to breathe as one. There is also an association with baby rabbits for a short time.

    Realizing that the autosymbolism is tied in to the typical vestibular system correlation of which is inherent to the dream state itself, my focus shifts very slightly.

    The creatures, still as one singular mass, rise into the air, to become a circle of only sparse fur or hair, hovering about a foot above the nest, and now of only about ten percent of the volume of the original feature. I focus on the change and I think of it as thin gray thread. It continues to hover in the air as a floating horizontally-oriented wreath made of thin thread of the color of Spanish moss.

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