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    Where’s Mackenzie? (precisely precognitive)

    by , 11-10-1990 at 05:10 PM (557 Views)
    Morning of November 10, 1990. Saturday.

    This particular prophetic dream revealed the actual uncommon surname of my soulmate (twin flame) and wife-to-be, who first contacted me in March of 1991; about four months after this dream. That surname was Horvath. On the television series “One Day at a Time” (1975–1984), Mackenzie Phillips played the character Julie Cooper Horvath. I was not a fan of hers (and did not find her attractive), and this is my only clearer dream about her as far as I know. The tennis court in this particular case is likely related to a play on “love” as well as courtship and marriage. We were the only characters in my dream and seemingly isolated.

    In my dream, I had been playing a tennis match with Mackenzie Phillips. I am not sure of the location. It could be Florida, Wisconsin, or even California (or some sort of implied composite). I am eventually wandering through the tennis court somewhat randomly after something apparently interrupts our tennis game (such as a bottle or a rock being thrown onto the court, I think, though I am not directly aware of any other people at any point). I soon notice that she is gone or had disrespectfully (in the opinion of my dream-self) wandered off but we still have a game to finish. I spend the rest of my dream going around screaming her first name over and over, getting louder and louder, walking in a kind of zigzag pattern “MaKEEEEEHnzie! MaKEEEEEHnzie!” (possibly also a play on “I can’t see”?). I feel tense, irritated, and even abandoned. It almost seems like we are married and she had deserted me. Everything starts to turn into a mist. I get the impression that all of the other people disappeared (even though Mackenzie was the only other person I was aware of). All of the world is fading, very slowly and frustratingly (not a typical way to wake from a dream). I awake with a mild headache, seemingly having slept too long.

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Your "Flash of Fire" dream excited me. but new "comment box" didn't open. so I'll reply here.

      This seemed to be about twenty minutes.

      I found myself face to face with a mostly static construct of a Peruvian girl, but with slight first-stage tulpa-like motions, such as very slightly side-to-side moving eyes - a very slightly moving lower lip - and so on - and slight second-stage pupil dilation - the "usual".

      I am listening to a digitally constructed audio (pulsing/phrasing of my own design) and fall into the dream state after about ten minutes. I notice over time (and is something I seem to have noticed often before with such implied "higher beings" though human for the most part), that it seems their skin is lightly marked with various subtle lines or even (reptilian) "scales" or perhaps bird-feather designs very slightly embossed on the epidermis (yeah - saw "The Visitor" aka "Stridulum" from '79 one too many times, apparently - nobody's perfect); but here, almost like implied tectonic plates of the Earth.

      This realization has struck me several times before (mostly only over the last year or two). However, it is different this time, eventually. It turns out she has the Nazca lines (the ones representing the hummingbird) lightly scarred with very slightly lighter flesh tones on her left cheek (my right), and for a moment seems like an upside-down sketch of the NBC peacock logo (which I haven't seen in years).

      From there, I hear a very discernible sound like "HAUL!" (not the word, just a sound like this).

      It seems to be a person at first, an odd male voice, perhaps outside near my window in real life (but very unlikely as it seems to be in the center of my mind), but then it seems to be a large black bird.

      I try to decide if it is an audio distortion in my dream state filtering through the actual vocal sound script, or if it is something actually heard in real life. I hear it again and become almost startled and a bit wary.

      Eventually, there seems to be a flash of red inside me (first time ever at this particular level of lucidity - usually it's another version of the "Blue Pearl") and a sort of design (of a slightly different shade, a little more towards orange) like something representing the sun (as a "primitive" symbol) with a sort of slightly arced sawtooth waveform around the circumference, slanted clockwise and, other than mostly of a solid color, with slight detail of short white lines here and there, some z-shaped, as well as the general outline of the symbol itself (not really like the picture at all, but I've used it anyway here for "mood"),

      almost as if a child tried to unite a symbol of the sun with one of the ocean (or even a circular swimming pool), but staying orange-red.

      There is only a sense of a circular roaring fire for a short time, but no actual burning sensations. It seems to be sourced from within my chest.

      From there, the usual pain at the base of my back (which I have been having for about a week or more - as the other weird premonitory spasms have finally stopped after over a year) now seems just below my right shoulder (having moved like an energy form of sorts) and I notice the black bird flying from my right (seeming to have "jumped" from my spine), then seeming to shrink (or grow smaller in implied distance, but not correct to scale, as it is still inside the room yet more like the size of a canary) into a yellow cloud or a yellow sky that is only partially open like a miniature portal of sorts.

      This seems connected very slightly to the dream where my sister had bird-beak-shaped (or "butterfly"/"hourglass") welts on her body, but only vaguely.

      I am not sure if this was a negative energy-form leaving me (and the "form" causing all those premonitory spasms for so long), or a part of me going off on a quest, who can say. It's as ambiguous as ever.This actually distracted me from a completely different intent this session (but I certainly wouldn't call it a non-event or "fail"), but it looks like it's going to be an interesting year.
      Sorry if I offended. It was late and I was very tired.

      Billions was an exaggeration, sorry.

      The old psi-dreamers who collected thousands of dreams, are mentioned in this thread.




      I read lots of dreams here on Dreamviews. l found your "Flash of Fire" memorable. Again, I'm sorry for upsetting you. I won't comment again. But I will read
    2. Blue_Opossum's Avatar
      Do not worry about it at all. You did not upset me (perhaps my writing style projects this, but I don't concern myself with it to any personal degree) - I'm just a bit "forceful" in my views on dreams and don't really believe most public literature on dreams (based on years of my own experiences and tens of thousands of recorded dreams over many years and many different types of meditation and experimentation that has never been published in any way) or claims of people who collect or "study" the dreams of others - which is not of my path or experience. I'm sorry if I sounded too opinionated. Feel free to comment as long as the views are primarily your own. Have a very good day.