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    Window Ice Miniature City

    by , 05-04-2017 at 11:04 AM (140 Views)
    Night of May 4, 2017. Thursday.

    I become aware of a window, but I do not know the location. The window has ice on the bottom in the form of vertical columns of different heights. Over time, I see that it almost looks like a cityscape.

    Eventually, I see that it actually is a miniature cityscape of ice, with some three-dimensional associations. Over time, I move my hand “into” this city and take out toys and objects, such as small metal cars, tiny dollhouse furniture, and unknown items. I absentmindedly pull out a man of about half an inch high. He squirms in my hand and I apologize and put him back. However, I put him back on the “public sidewalk”, not back through the high window of a very tall building. He stands and looks up at it, puzzled as if uncertain how to get back. (This of course is not logical. I would assume he would just go through the entrance and take the elevator.)

    After this, I continue to take out more items, even small vases of flowers.

    Most dream scenes of non-lucid dreams (although I become lucid here, eventually) are either re-induction symbolism or waking symbolism. This part contains the re-induction symbolism, where the highest building symbolizes my conscious self in real time. Putting the miniature man on the sidewalk is a subliminal attempt to sustain my dream. (There was no “protest” from the preconscious due to this dream not being near one of the last dreams of the sleeping period, where the preconscious otherwise has more and more dominance relevant to the biological need to wake.)

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