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    the winged cane toad is not my pet

    by , 05-04-2018 at 09:02 AM (91 Views)
    Morning of May 2, 2018. Wednesday.

    My dream self is sustained in liminal space in a setting that is implied to be outside at nighttime, rendered mostly as a featureless field with short grass. I am sitting in a lawn chair. My orientation is subliminally perceived as facing north. Several unfamiliar people in the area are also lounging on lawn chairs.

    On my right, I see a cane toad on the ground about four feet away. It hops up in slow motion and lands softly on the right arm of my lawn chair but does not touch me. I consider if people are wondering if it is my pet, but I know it is not. I am not contemplating any venomous nature of the creature and do not see it as a threat. Still, I do not want it near me.

    It somehow ends up on my left side, on the ground and about three feet away. Its body begins to make unusual movements. Its back is featured somewhat like a beetle’s elytra, though unusual irregular butterfly wings partially emerge from its sides. Its back flexes upward but the wings do not spread and it does not fly. It reminds me very vaguely of the two large fly ashtrays my father bought in the 1970s. (My parents never smoked; the fly ashtrays were kept as a bizarre novelty and decoration.) It almost seems to have the essence of a kitten regarding its interest in me as perhaps seeing me as its master.

    A subliminal focus is preventing the completion of the RAS modulation. Something very similar happened in a dream of February 10 of this year, also with a cane toad, but that one was carried about in slow motion by the wind. It is subliminal dream control; an otherwise lucid mechanism that I am utilizing in non-lucidity. In addition to the subtle vestibular system correlation (though the cane toad’s wings are never fully spread out for flight), it seems likely to be based on the typical softening of the core RAS factor otherwise rendered as a snake. Otherwise, cane toads and toads in general are not very common in my dreams, despite being associated more with vestibular system correlation than a snake would be (though as a snake is the core RAS modulation factor, it does not require the additional vestibular association). For cane toads, my online journal at this time only features them in four entries inclusive of this one, two from 2018, the other two from 2014 and 2013. The subliminal RAS softening is additionally evidenced by the cane toad being oriented on my right (as waking orientation within a dream is most often to my right when I sleep on my left side, since my right side is then more exposed to my real environment) - then inexplicably to my left.

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