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    Writing That Makes The World

    by , 04-01-2017 at 10:01 AM (234 Views)
    Morning of April 1, 2017. Saturday.

    This dream falls into a similar theme as a dream of September 2016 where whatever I write becomes part of my dream (rather than saying an affirmation to create dream scenes). Still, I never become lucid.

    In one scene, my wife Zsuzsanna and I had been together for a year or more but, according to my dream’s backstory, we had not been married. I write a sentence that reads “Zsuzsanna and I have a legal marriage license”. I do some sort of hand motion over the writing, and then slap the wall (“Supernatural” television series influence, it seems). A sheet of paper that looks something like a certificate appears out of nowhere on a picnic table. It is apparently our marriage license. An unknown female claims it does not seem real, as certain writing on it is not raised (or embossed). However, looking at a real marriage certificate, it seems of the same (correct) design.

    In another scene, an aircraft carrier moves towards a beach. It is tipped to one side and moves out and in with the waves for a time, lengthwise to the shore - the top facing towards land. It is vivid and dramatic but there is no threat to me. (It does not seem to be sinking.) Oddly, the airplanes do not move or slide off at any point. There is vague concern that one end or the other may cause damage to buildings near the shore, but this does not happen.

    In another scene, I decide to eliminate a large portion of the world’s population. I make sure to include “except for me and my family”. I am outside at a picnic table and George C. Scott (October 18, 1927-September 22, 1999) approaches. I have not yet slapped my writing (which is on the surface of the picnic table) to instigate the event.

    An unknown male is with George C. Scott and gives me advice on how to utilize my idea. I am to write that George is my uncle and that he will be going back in time to just before humans came to exist (though I am not at all aware of what the situation implies). The unknown male tells me that the name is written with two S’s, inferring that it is George C. Sscott, which does not seem right to me, but I write it anyway, though it still somehow comes out as “George C. Scott” and he complains about the spelling. I make a couple mistakes and have to write it again, one being “George S. Cott”, another being “George Scott”.

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