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    1. Successful WILD #2

      by , 03-18-2013 at 04:56 PM
      I may be zeroing in on an approach to WILD that works for me. I had my second successful WILD due to this approach. It uses a combination of a few established techniques that work synergistically to maximize chances of success:

      1) DEILD: before falling asleep at night, repeat mantra to wake up and not move, while visualizing the same.
      2) WBTB: Wake up after 6 hrs of sleep to use the restroom and have a drink.
      3) Anchor: Rapid cycles timed to the breath keep me awake.
      4) FFA: Forced falling asleep to sink deeper towards sleep

      Last night I went to bed earlier than usual and as a result I woke up several times throughout the night. Every time I woke up I would perform a reality check and once I was certain it wasn't a false-awakening I would lie on my back and start cycles. The cycles are the same as the SSILD cycles (vision, then hearing, then physical body sensations) but each sense is only focused on for the duration of one breath. This gets you into a rhythm which eventually becomes automatic. At this point I would normally fall asleep since the automatic nature of the action would make me lose interest, until I discovered the adjustment outlined below:

      1) Start cycles with strong intent and focused attention. Every few cycles throw in FFA for two or three breaths, just to create a faster but controlled descent towards sleep.
      2) After a little while the cycles become easy to do and feel largely automatic.
      3) At this point switch your attention from the cycles to observing yourself doing the cycles. You are passively watching yourself doing the cycles and watching for the moment when your mind wanders. This is a subtle transition, if you don't understand this subtle difference in mental action this might not be for you.
      4) As you continue to do cycles you will feel your mind grow muddier and more confused, as you flirt with unconsciousness. This is a delicate balance. The only way to proceed here is to learn from failure. You need to get familiar with the very specific sensation of losing consciousness but retaining a tiny thread of awareness.

      Getting back to last night, I noticed that as my mind drifted away visuals started to appear. If I "noticed" these visuals they would disappear again, because paying attention to them caused my mind to "wake up" slightly, setting back the process. When that happened I would just calmly resume drifting deeper, each time getting slightly deeper. Eventually I had a complete lapse in consciousness and when I came to I was walking down a green-carpeted hallway in an old apartment building. I immediately knew I was dreaming and started crawling around, feeling the floor and staring at the details to deepen the dream.

      It turned into a nightmare after that, but because I was lucid I just observed the disturbing events without losing self-control or getting scared. It was unpleasant but definitely exciting and I do not regret having the experience.

      I will continue to work with this method and if successful I will create a thread in the forum. I think my approach has some details that are missing from the other techniques posted there.
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