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    Roving the Dreamscape


    by , 06-26-2012 at 02:01 PM (604 Views)
    So yeah, I had a lucid dream that night through a DILD. It was not really that special. I spawned in this mysterious mansion. It was quite big and old. There were multiple doors. Everywhere i look, i can see a doors which are distinct from one another. I roamed around the mansion(I was not lucid yet) and kept on opening random doors. It was kinda like a maze of some sort. Enter the door at the left and you'll come out from the door at the right. Just like what i've said, it's kinda like a maze. At first, the mansion didn't showed any elements that will make me lucid. After opening more than 20 doors, I arrived at this master bed room where I've spotted my 2 female classmates. They were sleeping peacefully. I approached the bed, sat on it, and stared at their appealing faces. Suddenly, i became lucid. I pinched my nose to confirm wether if i'm dreaming or not. And alas, I was dreaming. Ecstasy filled my body. A large grin came upon me as I stare at the 2 sleeping beauties. Aaaaand... i'm sure you know what happened next.

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