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    Roving the Dreamscape

    A Lesson from KingYoshi

    by , 06-07-2012 at 07:36 AM (730 Views)
    I had a dream about KingYoshi. I went to this small town that's located in a mysterious valley. I roamed the whole place and ended up in KingYoshi's log cabin. It was filled with game consoles, anime posters, mangas, action figures, porn tapes, and even dental instruments. I saw KingYoshi playing some sort of fps game. I asked myself: "Are my eyes deceiving me?!" and KingYoshi replied "Peace man, this is me. Now, let's check your teeth if it's healthy" and I was like 0__o . So yeah, I sat down at this dental chair thing, he checked and cleaned my teeth, and after a few minutes, it's done. My teeth feels.... i dunno, clean?. Then we heard a loud noise just outside the cabin. Yoshi opened the window and guess what... zombies. The zombies destroyed all the windows and started rushing into the cabin. We were able to get out of the cabin fast and before I know it, everything was in slow-mo. KingYoshi, me, the zombies, the trees, the wind, the puddles.... it was in freakin' slow mo for about 5 minutes. Then everything got back to normal and we were able to outrun the zombies. KingYoshi asked me, "want to grab some pizza?" and I said "Hell Yeah!". I can't remember much from that point onwards but all I know is: we did a lot of mischievous stuff like stealing, vandalizing, etc. Then sunset came in, and he said: "It's time; you need to go home, to where you belong" and I was like: "NO! I want to stay here longer, learn more about lucid dreaming and do other fun stuff". And he replied: "Everything you need to know.... is in here(he points his finger to the left side of my chest... my heart)". I then shed manly tears, said goodbye, and then rode the bus, the bus towards home. It was a fun and inspiring dream while it lasted.

    He's also kinda like under the influence of weed during the whole dream.

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