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    Fragments for July 11 2011

    by , 07-13-2011 at 03:53 AM (412 Views)
    Ah, horrible recall last few days finally broken.

    1. My friend P.M. is renting a camper from a couple of Russian guys. He drives me to it, but when we arrive it's really a dump. He brushes it off and says he has something more important to show me. He's apparently invented a time machine! The dream transitions to a futuristic room, containing a machine with five chambers. In one chamber, a man in Renaissance garb is sent to his native time. In another, an alien that looks like a dolphin is sent into the future. Yet another chamber contains a single banana, which is sent somewhere unknown. I crack a smile at that absurdity. Finally, two quarreling lovers are sent somewhere. I false awaken and start to dream journal about it, then actually awaken (big failed RC, and screw you subconscious).

    2. I'm a journalist, currently skulking around an abandoned African city. I go through the corridors and stairways of a dark factory, looking for the focus stone of a changeling child.

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