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    4th DJ-Attempt

    03.06.23 Stress of work

    by , 06-03-2023 at 07:30 AM (66 Views)
    I spend a lot of the time at work, interacting with a bunch of random stuff, this reflects in the dreams, theyíre basically more of the same, that could be the reason why Iím not paying much attention, except for some events, every now and then

    Ö/Iím in a place like the canteen although both bigger and darker, the dream scenario is blurry. Cannot say if itís daylight or night due to I cannot see the outside. I notice a lot of people there, Iím walking around the mass. Thereís a woman sneaking around us. It looks like a new employee of the HR area. One of my co-workers gets into the place. Heís unusually wearing a big jacket, like heís coming from the outside. She stops him and arranges his jacket, then she takes a small bag out of one of his pockets. She asks about it. He grabs it and say: ďThatís my bag of marihuanaĒ and puts it back into his pocket. Iím like, heís too confident with it. He goes on where he was going and I get immersed again into my activity of arranging random stuff/Ö
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