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    4th DJ-Attempt

    04.06.2023 First long dream to DJ for SC-MMXXIII

    by , 06-04-2023 at 10:57 AM (165 Views)
    Stress of life

    Last night I went to bed very late, around midnight. The recall starts as usual at work, and then it unfolds into more complex known scenarios that are frequently dreamed. It gave me some clues to follow during my WL. Iím planning to do more RCís while Iím at work in the first place. Then pay more attention when I start worrying about certain things. If Iím intending to have some LD for the competition!

    Ö/As usual Iím immersed into arranging articles. This time, theyíre toy trucks for kids under 3. Theyíre stout and have opaque colors. Iím putting another type of articles to the side of the group, something like video game cartridges or VHS tapes or some odd stuff that pulls my interest, theyíre put into plastic bags. I take a look on the group of trucks once more, around 20 set in a square order.
    I stand up and start walking down the yard of my childhood school, with big pines on the sides. Not sure about what Iím looking for, but as I keep walking down the place, I get into my university campus. Thereís some people walking around in the whole place. It looks like Iím looking for a bathroom. While I keep walking down the pavilions, a lot of students start coming out of the classes. I turn around and start walking back my way. More and more people start walking in my direction, others just standing and talking. It looks like all of the classes ended at the same time. While Iím walking I see a small dog walking with the crowd. Itís a Pomeranian. The dog is looking at me while it quick walks at my left side. That funny walk as theyíre smiling at you while they move. I make a gesture like Iím going to put my face closer to it. Somebody starts calling from behind. Itís a female voice calling a womanís name. I guess itís her owner. The dog stops for a while and starts walking again as I start moving. Sheís calling her dog again. I make the gesture again to make it stop. The dog stops and I keep walking my way back to the upper layer of this place, hoping the girl got impressed with my super powers of being able to make an unknown Pomeranian stop walking.
    I get distracted with a crowd of students standing in rows trying to get into some place. Theyíre matriculating for the next year. I have to do the same but have no idea what to do now. I didnít get good notes. I start worrying about whatís next. How I was able to matriculate last time in certain courses if I didnít pass the previous ones. I try to walk through the crowd but itís impossible in certain ways.
    I see a room to the right side. I get in and see a meeting of teachers sitting on a big table. I recognize some of my school teachers. The one from History is sitting looking at the table as heís worried about something. Theyíre introducing themselves.
    I get out and get into another room at a level some steps lower than the floor. Thereís a big bed and somebody known is there. She let a bucket of yellow colored water fall on the side. I complain about it because it may ruin the articles. Iím at work again, I go to see what happened on that corner. I see a known carpet under the bed. Thereís not much water there. I leave the place.
    Out there I see a friend of mine getting inside a little store, heís buying something, itís a music album. Itís roughly packed and doesnít look original. I get into the store too. On one of the sides, theyíre selling music. I say theyíre rough copies. Somebody answers yes theyíre copies. I go out and tell S. theyíre pirate. I ask her if we are still in the city we visited some years ago, she answers yes. Of course! I say, theyíre pirates! I see G. proudly showing the CD, DVD? packed in a plastic bag with the printed album cover inside. Itís red and white, I cannot see the logo but Iím guessing it looks like Rigor Mortis first album cover. No way, itís not original.
    We start walking down the side walk, and I see a couple of food stands on the side. I see what theyíre cooking on the frying pan, itís something I didnít have for a long time, one of my favorite meals! I tell her we should buy some and have it for today. The path turns into the street leading to my WL place. Weíre getting into her car/Ö
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