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    4th DJ-Attempt

    9th day and still there

    by , 05-09-2014 at 11:08 AM (255 Views)
    * We had a lot to do at home, went late to bed...

    .../3rd person view. I see myself with dragon wings. There's something about feeding a dragon/...

    .../I'm talking a walk inside an informal market. I see different things on sale, until I get to a jacket patches stand. I see some deconstructive ideas, some 3D art and stuff, but nothing really interesting to me. I get out of the market and find somebody is selling 2nd hand guitars on the street, I take a look if there's something worthwhile, nothing. Then I look up to a hill which is mixed with a tower. It's all covered in concrete. I find that interesting, and want to take a picture of that. My camera doesn't work, it's night and I cannot see any on the LCD. I try using the flash option. It flashes but apparently not enough. I try to figure out how could I take a picture of that. The more I look, the weirder it becomes. Now I try to illuminate the landscape by pointing the LCD screen of the camera. It gets better but I don't know how to take the picture now/...

    .../I have to write an e-mail, announcing some bad news about one of my kids, she's no more with us. I have to face the fact, it gets hard to write down/...

    * From time to time, this feeling of nostalgia spreads around and takes over all over the dream.

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