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    1. Lucid goal achieved

      by , 09-02-2018 at 03:56 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Between 27-31 08 2018

      It was a dream on a country house, itís night, I want to drive a motorcycle, I wear the helmet and take my niece with me, sheís wearing my wifeís nightclothes. I sit and start driving across a country road. It starts raining and itís hard to see in the dark. Driving becomes a hard task since the motorcycle behaves weird. Sometimes I feel like itís a bicycle. We get to a shore, the landscape is awesome! Itís already day and I can see some weird animals in the water. I realize the feeling, I know itís a dream. I tell my niece itís a dream. I donít care much about her after that. I get to sort of ruins, there are some old doors when I remember one of my lucid goals was to get into a corridor with doors on the sides to explore old memories. I get into the last door to find that corridor. Itís there and I get into the first door on the left, must be my oldest memory I think. I find a small room. Thereís only a two floor bed with wet towels on it. Thereís no more place to walk around, the room is the size of the bed. I see a stuffed animal hanging on the wall, it look like a fox in detective clothing or something like that. I see a second one . I wonder if I saw it as I was a little kid. I try to see more things in this room. I see some stickers which I remember but cannot tell where do I know them or if they are recent stuff. I try to pay attention on the fox until I start losing sensibility
      I woke up then...
    2. Two lucids after very long dry spell

      by , 09-02-2018 at 03:29 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Between July-August 2018

      1st one I was driving a car towards my grandparents town. Iím sitting next to a woman talking something about lucidity when I ask my self if itís not a dream already, I realize the feeling! I jump out of the car and start walking to a purple building close to the road. I see a blue colored butterfly while walking there, I want to explore some but I start to lose sensibility of my legs dream fade out until I wake up.

      2nd one was a couple of days after, it was after an anxious dream where I have to find sort of Bus station in the old city where I used to live. Iím walking on a street next to a river. The street is at a higher level, around 20 m high. I can see the river shore from above. Iím afraid to fall down when all of the sudden came the idea if itís a dream! i realize the feeling, I decide to jump down. Nice fall. When I reach the ground, I notice Iíve changed my shape to a sort of mixture between a Gorilla and a Yeti. I see I have white hairs. I run four legged for a while, itís nice to feel it again I was running that way until I woke up
    3. From stress to lucidity...

      by , 03-08-2015 at 01:50 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, Comments

      .../I have to take my flight back to my current city. I'm with my brother and I'm telling him how different it is when I fly alone. There's one minute left before the plane takes off and I'm still in the waiting room when I tell him if I were with my wife she'd be stressed like hell. I see the plane is about to take off and thinking how are they doing with my package. It doesn't matter, I know I'm inside that plane before it takes off.

      There's a jump back in the sequence of the dream time and get back to something about a disgusting guy who I ended up murdering for the second time. I have a knife covered in blood in one hand and a tea spoon in the other. I feel the urge to get rid off both of them but I must be careful because of I start to see police officers everywhere. I clean the blood from the blade with my tongue, I don't want to use anything else because of it may let clues. I hide the knife under the sleeve of my jacket and the spoon in the pocket. I get inside a sort of pond under a roof. The water seems to be deep and dark enough in some places. I throw the spoon there taking care that no one sees it. I see an adult woman sniffing around. I think she may be a detective or some. I hesitate to throw the knife. I think I must find a better place to get rid off it. I see some officers started to dig on some of the ground near the pond. Definitively I want get out of here but I don't want to call their attention. I still feel the blade with my arm. I wonder if the sleeve is funny shaped because of the knife. I follow a guy who did something similar but he doesn't seem to be worried at all. He tells he got rid off the knife near his neighborhood which is far away. We are drinking wine and vodka. I'm drinking my bottle of vodka while I'm still thinking about a place where I could leave the knife when a thought flashes in my head: "Hopefully when I wake up all of this stress will be over". I realize what it means and feel slightly stupid for the waste of time. I still have the knife in my hand but now I don't care about where I could let it. I finish my bottle and let it on the floor. A dwarf starts to follow me. I get into a store and stab him with the knife. I hear some DC's screaming. I don't care and let the knife in his back. I go out of the store thinking about what could I do now? I remember there are some lucid dares. I remember the dare about the alien invasion! I wonder how could I do it. I realize there was a weird mountain in the dreamscape which I didn't pay much attention. It's like a pyramid covered with pines. Now I see it looks like a huge Christmas tree. I think it could be the alien mothership. Then I wonder how could I accomplish the dare. I think what about a telepathic communication? I look in the back of my thoughts to find the invasion was already taking place but we humans don't have to realize about it. I "feel" they are infiltrating their people already. I send the message to stop it. Now? How could I know they have already stop it? I think this task requires a lot of imagination and I don't feel I have enough time to see a proper "war" taking place. I think I may give a try to another task when I see an athletic guy jogging on the road I'm about to walk. He could be one of the aliens I think! He keep on jogging. What was the other task? Now I remember, it sounds easier to perform! "Be a good person with the duck of the smile" (No idea where this one came from). I start walking on the road towards a forest when the whole dream starts fading out/...

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    4. Short DEILD to get sucked back into the plot

      by , 10-25-2014 at 04:18 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I briefly woke up, and now I'm staring at some books in front of me, I don't feel any dream body yet, just me laying on the bed, although keep looking in front of me as I'm standing, waiting when my arms will appear to hold a book in front of me. It doesn't take that much when I see my hand holding the book, and slowly start to feel my dream body. I love this feeling of transition! I hold the book with my both hands and now I can feel its weight. I start playing with it, turning it and throwing it up to hold it back again. Now I'm back into the dream. I let the book fall on the bed. I see my little one is still there from the previous dream. It's night and this room is not good illuminated. I take a look to the other books. I find my old big encyclopedic dictionary. I know I'm going to find what I'm looking for here. I know I just have to open the pages to see what I don't remember what is it. I open it but there's nothing special there. When I close it, there are two pictures of some ladies in the back. That's it, I want to get into a picture. I stare at one of them and apparently it starts to move. I don't see it clear. I want to go somewhere with more light. It's turning very interesting. The bathroom is a good place. I see its doors to my side. I want to get in when I realize I've confused it with the door of our closet which is next to it. I laugh while I ask my kid to go playing somewhere else. I turn the lights of the bathroom. The place gets brighter when I see my kid jumping to a second platform in front of the living room, which is separated by an empty space. It's dangerous there. I ask her to stop. I go there and hold her to show how deep is the fall. We see down there, it's around two or three floors fall. There are some curtains that I ask to move to show the empty space. I feel some vertigo because of the place is dark. We can see the floor down there. I pick up my kid and start complaining about how dangerous is to play that way. She starts to cry while I bring her to a safety place/...
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    5. Brought the little one to the kindergarten

      by , 10-18-2014 at 12:27 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm squatting to let the little devil go to play with her friends. She doesn't want to let me go and tuns back to hug me. It makes me fall on my back. I stand up, and start talking with one of her teachers. We have a conversation about Lego bricks. She tells me she used to play with her dad building a castle and a bridge that used to fall. I tell her that my brother and I, used to build a brick with plastic soldiers standing there, and threw batteries against it until it was completely "devastated". I remember I was around 8 when we did that, and I tell her it was like saying goodbye to that era. Because of it was one of the last times I remember playing with my old brother that way. She tells me that's exactly what the Gipsy Kings sing in one of their songs, they say: "My son didn't want to hear me, that's why I burned him"/...

      * Alarm clock went off long ago and I realize it's late again, I have to run... again.
    6. I saw my avatar fighting

      by , 10-18-2014 at 12:14 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../It's the second time some characters of the game Summoners War get into a dream. This time I see a sequence of a fight where my avatar changed its colors and used a sword to fight against a salamander which is defeated in around 4 moves. I try to repeat the sequence/...

      * I will try to use change those colors in my avatar, it seemed to be pretty interesting
    7. Fragment of a lucid

      by , 10-15-2014 at 08:04 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm in sort of a campsite, where a friend of mine has built a little stage for an outdoor gig. I see him playing with his band. I find his facial expressions are very similar to another friend of mine who has some sort of mental problems. Later in the same dream I'm flirting with my sister in law when I remember we've already had something in this dream world. It gives me more confidence with the flirting. We are immerse into some activity, but cannot clearly remember what was it about. There are more people here, but I cannot remember who they were. I'm staring at something. She's laying on the floor upside down, and I lay my head on her butt. Somehow I start walking on an open field, and find some candies spread on the floor. I see one has a peculiar shape. I pick it up to see through its partially transparent wrapper, it has the shape of a pumpkin. I remember there's something about it and pick it up while trying to remember what was it. I remember it was a task of the Month! I notice finally it's a dream, because of I was regularly RC'ing during my WL every time I saw a pumpkin because of there's a lot of them here and there, specially in the supermarkets this month. Now I remember, it's not about something with the shape of a pumpkin. I must find one. I turn to see on the grass, there's a small one almost in front of me. I pick it up and draw a cut with my finger on its top as I planned to do because of I used to open portals that way. It's not difficult to get the pumpkin top cut. I lift the small lid to see inside. It looks like the interior of an orange. Actually the skin of the pumpkin turns flexible and I manage to get a big orange out of the pumpkin turning it upside down. The big orange falls on my hand and it has the same cut on the top. What a big imagination! I was hoping to find something more "expectacular". I think I can do it better. I turn to see somewhere else, and find a bigger pumpkin to my side. I pick it up and make the same cut drawing with my finger, wondering why some people need knifes to do this task. I lift its lid to see once again/...

      * Dream fades to black. I'm still trying to remember what was there the second time I did it. I think perhaps it was something similar because of I stopped paying attention.

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    8. More than fragments, reminders...

      by , 09-22-2014 at 12:55 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      - Dancing some indigenous native dance, I'm happy I can perform the movements although I never tried dancing these more than the basic steps in WL.

      - My aunt-mom had some complains about her organization. The whole dream develops under water. We're in an ex-girlfriend's house. There's a huge hornet at the end of the sequence.

      - I'm talking with some religious people. I took the atheist side, and I'm not interested in discussing with them because of I show them the size of their arguments against what I think. A friend of mine, who is handicapped, laughs to much, until he falls backwards from the ledge of the yard of my grandparents' house. He's bleeding from the back of his head, he jokes about what's all that he remembers during his fall, we help him to get an ambulance.

      - It's a semi-lucid where I get into a first person shooting game world. I cross the main gate, which is equivalent to the introduction screen. I know it's all a game, and whatever they try to do doesn't hurt me. I perform a lot of dream control here, but don't get to fully realize it's a dream. I get shoot a lot of times, but I decide that those bullets doesn't hurt me. There's an out of scale fat guy who has a severe fall, and I play with the timing of his swoon until he faints, in spite of he tries to keep on going. Then I get into a room, talking with a lot of people in order to go for the next level, like it was sort of special security/investigations office.

      - I see two electric guitars that apparently I finally got to unite. There's a band of guys, dressed in some folk style who come after my participation of a music event. They say it's enough of the metal style chance. I see myself playing the guitar in a podium or some, the whole place is like a theater. I think perhaps it's not me who I'm seeing but a faint actor to replace me because of it looks too good. The music sounds good and I collaborate during the performance of the folk band, improvising some riffs that fit the style, although it's not something that really interests me.

      - Nap after work: I'm riding an adventure motorbike that sometimes turns into a big 4 wheel bike and sometimes it turns into a 4x4 lifted jeep. I cross an alternate road to my grandparents' town which once I traveled in a bus because of road works. I cross at least 3 little towns, which used to be part of past dreams in the road. I cross a bridge, too close to a man. It's a celebration day in the last one. There's some bullfighting taking place, I'm disappointed with that. I have to put my head down to avoid hitting some festival ornaments over street. I wear a mask in one of the sequences. Somebody asks me if I've seen the bullfighters who I sent to walk away. I answer no. Finally got out of the last town and enter a curve with a deep pond. I almost dive in. I have to hold the bike. Finally I get out and wonder about my mp3 player in my fanny pack. I must take care because the road seems to be abandoned long ago. There's a lot of grown grass.
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      dream fragment
    9. The lake port and some other fragments

      by , 09-15-2014 at 01:20 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm in my grandparents home town, near the lake I used to play around when I was a kid. I see two groups of men running somewhere. I notice one group is wearing the same sport uniform while the other a more informal sport clothing. I notice because of the haircut style of the first group, that they are police officers apparently in their day off, while the other group looks like a bunch of delinquents. They are going to play a match on an indoor soccer field that floats near the shore of the lake. I wonder about the limitations of the field, because of I don't see any security net around it, just some humble railings. I'm standing on the bridge that communicates the platform with the ground which is to my left side. There I see a vagabond old man. When the guys to my right start asking for their ball which has landed on the water in front of that man. He tries to catch it, but it's hard for him to get it. I jump from my place and fall on the water trying to reach the shore, I take care of not getting wet with it in spite of half of my body got into the water (most ignored dream sign of all). I turn and pick up the wet ball to bring it back. I want to kick it back but I see the platform is too far away to try this move and it's possible that the ball will fall again on deep waters. I walk until I have a proper distance to throw it with my hands, while feeling its weight, which reminds me some past experiences with this type of leather soccer balls. I have a flash of memories before I unsuccessfully throw the ball which lands on the water after bouncing on some ground. It doesn't matter because the guys are playing with another one, which I see is floating further from my point of view. I see a friend of mine from the school, jumping on the water and swiming until he gets back that red and black ball. They go on with their game.

      I move near to the lake port to have a better sight. I see a huge floating structure where, according to my dream memories, it was used to produce milk during the old times when the cows where brought on the ships, but now it's abandoned. I examine the structure to see if it's already floating or it's sunk on the bottom. I see the bases moving with the waters. I think about the recipients which look like train containers connected by huge red pipes above in the shape of arcs. I'm wondering if those things got rotten milk in the inside, when for some reason I have to move from there. I get inside a huge hangar, where I see some adjustable wrenches of different sizes on a table. There I see a huge one, which I think must be used on the ship. I see how easy could it be for anyone to pick one of those, but I leave them there, I don't have to do it.

      Somehow I get to the living room of my grandparents house. I'm wearing some old clothing. It's still day and for some reason we have to go out. I don't remember who was there, apparently is a new friend I met in this dream world. I notice my shirt has just one sleeve, so I pull it off to have the shirt without sleeves. It's easier to pull, because of it's old I think. When I see there's a skull similar to the Misfits' fiend skull, I show it to my new pal saying something like "look I have a new patch". Then I go on trying to match the broken fabrics. I cross in front of a mirror to see it doesn't look that bad. I'm wearing short pants and the long shirt. I just need to put my fanny pack on to go out. I have some problems with my clothing because of the shirt has grown too long, it gets to my knees and I feel like I'm looking like a junkie delinquent from those lands.

      Out in the streets I see a couple dressed in black talking with a man. I think they could be related to the porn industry because of their look. It looks like they are explaining something to the guy, I go on walking until I get to a place which is a mixture between a restaurant and the interior of a bus. I see two girls deliberately pressing her bodies trying to cross a tiny passage. One of them comes to my place and sits on my legs. I see some guy in one of the tables is paying attention on what she does. I think they may be a couple. I realize she's wearing a very light dress/...

      .../Previously there were something about my old daughter and a pain in her back, which I assumed it was because of she wanted to lift a heavy weight or some. I'm scolding her/...

      .../There's something with my little demon sneakers that are full of sand/...

      .../I see in the back of a newspaper, some news about two Indian elephants swimming together to cross a river/...

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    10. Electric storm and an old car

      by , 09-14-2014 at 01:00 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm staring at a sequence of lightnings which sometimes fall close to where I am. There's nobody else there. The sky is densely clouded and some of the lightnings are beautiful. The thunder happens immediately after the flash light and I can hear details in the sound that gives me the creeps because of it's weirdness. I'm a little bit afraid of it could fall one on me, but I stay still and continue to watch the spectacle/...

      .../I'm driving an old 70's car like this one here:

      The model corresponds to an uncle's car which he had when I was a little kid. I'm trying to park it to deliver something early in the morning in some of the streets of my job but it's hard to control and it tends to slide forwards or backwards for more that I hardly press the break pedal. It's like the street has a slight slope and the car tends to back out. I'm worried to crash it against other cars in the street, but hopefully I got to stop it before it happens, to start again to move it. Once I try to drive it forwards but I excessively accelerate it because it tends to turn off, then and make a big noise with the screeching wheels. The street is empty but I think perhaps it could wake up the neighbors. Sometimes I have to pedal it as a bike to make it start moving. Finally I got to properly park it and stop it by switching it to first gear while it's still moving backwards. Then I apply the hand break and realize how stupid I was to forget this basic thing, although in general I feel relieved because of I didn't crash it/...
    11. The most improductive dream of all my time...

      by , 09-09-2014 at 06:14 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../The dreamscape corresponds to one of my university times, when I didn't know about inducing lucid dreams. I'm carrying all my stuff that I use to take with me going to work nowadays. I check that everything is in place. I'm waiting for my bus to come, getting bored, I go here and there waiting. I'm worried about my bag, I take care of it. I see a kid talking about his dreams, I want to ask him if he knows when he's dreaming but I don't find an opportunity to ask for it. I go upstairs of the building next to the bus stop. I see a lot of public transport from above, when I see my bus going away. I cannot get down fast enough. The whole place is getting empty, no more cars. I'm worried about it. I see the time in an analog clock , it shows 7:00 pm, when I see again it's 6:50. I remember the last bus comes until 9. I don't remember which one I have to take. I think I will recognize it when I see it. I see a couple of known buses. Not the one that I need. I go up and down the building. I see kids coming back from school/...

      * I spent the whole dream doing that, waiting for my bus, worried about the thieves, alone. No RC, perhaps because in those times I didn't think much about it. I cannot believe it!
    12. The wolf-dog pack

      by , 08-20-2014 at 05:13 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Hypnagogia, non-lucid

      - I hear somebody is writing with a marker on paper while I'm distractedly thinking about dream signs

      .../I get to a high place on a hill. I find some pals from the university. We talk about something, then I must go down. I realize I'm on the roof of a two or three floors house. I hang from the ledge and let myself fall doing some acrobatic movements to avoid hurting me/...

      .../My wife carefully serves some dishes but she looks upset because she made some mistake putting a piece of flesh with a portion of rice next to it. I don't get what's wrong, but I want to help her to put the rice back to the pot. She gets annoyed because of it cannot be done. She asks me to throw it and get a clean dish because the rice goes on the right and we must respect the formalities.
      Her dad (who's not her real dad) is helping her, but I see he's already eating some. I got upset and tell her it's not fair what they are doing because on one hand she asks me to respect the formalities while her dad is doing the opposite. I decide to go out. She asks me to be careful because of a wolf pack has been seen around the place. I see a lone gray wolf on the mountains next to the city, and a group of wolfs of around 10, wandering on the street, when I notice there's a black wolf among them. I tell her, a real wolf pack couldn't have a black wolf. It must be a wolf-dog pack, because of black wolves got extinct long ago I explain. I see a big dark brown dog-wolf licking the stove. Definitively it's a group of dog-wolves I say while I walk between some of them which are lying on the floor to get out of the house which is in the middle of a narrow street/...

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    13. The black cat again and this time since HH started

      by , 08-15-2014 at 05:27 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Hypnagogia, non-lucid

      - All of the sudden I'm folding a huge piece of paper, which is constructed with lot of smaller segments may be the size of an A2 sheet. There are some watercolors paintings here and there. Iīm just trying to fold the whole thing which has become a bit complicated to do.

      - I realize I'm clearly hearing a lot of female laughing on the background.

      - I'm standing next to a pile of things, when an electric guitar toy fall to my side. I reflectively react with a fast move and catch it on the fall.

      * I wake up with a jolt (shake?) on the bed.

      .../ I'm sitting on a chair and a black cat jumps on my legs. I don't know its intentions, but I'm afraid it will slap me in the face. The cat does nothing but seems nervous. I find it logic that it will end up slapping me in the face because of confusion. The scene turns stressing. I'm waiting for its next move but I let it stay on my legs/...

      * If I wouldn't have taken notes, these segments were lost forever.

      .../I'm in some art galleries. There's a lot of young people walking here and there. I've made a collage using some pictures from a girl friend apparently I know well and posted on the wall. She sees one of her paintings hanging on the board. She gets upset, because she thinks her work sucks. I hold her from the hip when she wants to walk away. I tell her it's OK, that she must not worry about her works because she's a great artist.
      I see her talking to her 'Grand Master', who is sort of presence on a huge screen hanging from the roof. She asks him if the tattooed man is the man with the little tattoo that she has already dreamed with. I think she may be referring me, but I'm not sure. There's certain DV thing in all of this, but I cannot clearly distinguish what is it exactly.
      I get into her room, and looking around I tell her it's a great atelier and that I miss the two I got to build. I get into another room in a side, when another girl gets in. I saw her and ask her for what happened because of we were going to have sex and I'm still waiting. She turns her back on me, and gets closer, lifting her tight golden dress. I help her and we start having some fun/...

      .../I'm in my grandparents' house. My foster mother (my aunt mom) finally got to see my little daughter again. She tries to carry her, but I see she's to heavy now and I ask her to put her down. But she goes out to greet some relative who gets into the scene in a car with her son. They talk about something, I want to take my daughter back home. The older one sleeps on the table in the kitchen, and my aunt-mom tells me she looks like my little half brother. I agree/...

      .../I'm seeing a dance on a field, actually there are two folkloric dances mixed together. The dancers are forming couples which change from one to another along the song. In certain part of the choreography they kiss. I see some girls making a gesture with the mouth, like trying to avoid a real contact.
      We are in the lake, the water covers my legs, but my upper side is still dry. I friend of mine wants to submerge us all. He dives in. I see his hair floating. The water level is rising. I don't want to get deeper because of the cold. He's lying on the bottom. I dive in to see if everything is OK. He plays to snore, and tells something and dives out. But I made a false move and get into a deep zone. Now I'm floating and tell people that the water levels are rising. I look for somewhere to put my feet on. I see my shadow moving on the bottom. The water is clear. At the end, I got all my clothing wet, but it feels nice to be here/...

      * Recall is improving again and there's still a whole week to play some more.

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    14. More fragments, better than nothing

      by , 08-14-2014 at 12:05 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm arguing with my dad about something, I'm getting angry with him for something I don't remember/...

      * Unfortunately I didn't have a piece of paper at hand to write fast notes when I woke up from this first dream, there were a lot more but didn't want to wake up too much. I saw myself writing some notes, turning on the netbook, exploring different options, but always gave up because of the possibility of not being able to go back to sleep.

      .../I'm in the old cafeteria at the university, I see the lady who served there and we talk about something. I'm hungry and ask her to give me something to eat and drink. It looks like it's late and there's no more. I got a glass of some fruit juice although I wanted a Coke. There's a piece of broken glass in it, I drink it anyway leaving the little piece at the bottom. I think I may go to the canteen, got some chicken from somebody first, I finish it before getting in/...

      .../I'm getting back to another house from my university times, it's in front of a park, there are two women lying on the grass. They same to be half naked, and kiss each other. I see my wife on another grass spot, at first glance she looks like she's not covering her breasts, although when I get closer, she's lying face down. We talk something and get into the house/...

      * That house uses to appear from time to time, now it has a third floor. Those days was just one floor on the ground.

      * It wouldn't be a bad idea to put some recalling tools close to my bed, since these days I will have some more time

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    15. Some fragments and one more Riff...

      by , 08-11-2014 at 11:05 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm attending an open air metal festival organized by a friend of mine. It's the last participant band and I see many attenders going up to the hills during the pause. Apparently the show is taking place out of the city. There's no lights out of the place. Lot of people seem to be drunk or high. I don't care. I'm hearing a riff in the background which seems to be very familiar although I cannot distinguish which one is it/...

      * Woke up with the riff in my head and I realize I've heard it before but just in dreams. I hum it into my voice recorder and I hope I won't forget about it. It has keyboards but I don't know how I'm going to record that because I sold mine long ago.

      .../I want to connect my deck to the equipment because I want to record the show but I don't find proper cables, mine are are tangled. I think I could use my voice recorder, but perhaps the signal output could be too much for it. I go on trying to put in order the mess up in my hands. I see a couple of guys using my deck to make a sound test or something like that. I think it's great to have my deck used for the concert. I talk something with them/...

      .../I'm watching a documentary of a black metal show boycotted by punk-rockers, some of them get on the stage and try to pull the microphone off the singer's hands who has his face characteristically painted and hardly tries to keep the pole in his hands. After that, I turn to see the opposite happening at a punk show where some black metal fans are doing the same but with some flags painted with spray, hanging on the sides of the hall. They hang themselves to pull those things down and move along a line that holds all the flags, it looks they are having fun doing it and I follow one of them until all the flags are on the floor.
      At one side, next to the gate, I see a TV playing the trailer of the documentary with Ozzy Osbourne's "Ultimate Sin" playing in the background. Then I see him shaking hands with Madonna and giving her a classic long arm bracer. Then a bride gets out from a plane, she's wearing a very hot transparent tulle wedding dress. She holds a baby on her arms while greeting some public that apparently went to see her. She seems to be a famous Hollywood star, and it looks like it's related to the Heavy Metal scene because of the context/...

      .../I get to the tribe, the cabins have no front wall and they look like market stands, selling clothing. I see some jeans when I hear a voice telling something about Curt Cobain related to the mark of the jeans. I think it's sort of company that earns lot of money by selling cheap things although hiding its real brand. I see the different logos in the jeans, although according to the documentary, its the same producer.
      Then I see a kid at the shore of a river in the middle of the jungle. It looks like the Amazonas and the kid is lying on the floor of the entrance of his cabin. The water sometimes gets into the house taking the kid out of it. I'm trying to take a picture of it and post it telling something about the war and its consequences although there's no war around, I want to start a scam too/...

      * It's nice to see this jungle again because of it's related to some epic dreams...
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