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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Fragment of a lucid

    by , 10-15-2014 at 08:04 AM (533 Views)
    .../I'm in sort of a campsite, where a friend of mine has built a little stage for an outdoor gig. I see him playing with his band. I find his facial expressions are very similar to another friend of mine who has some sort of mental problems. Later in the same dream I'm flirting with my sister in law when I remember we've already had something in this dream world. It gives me more confidence with the flirting. We are immerse into some activity, but cannot clearly remember what was it about. There are more people here, but I cannot remember who they were. I'm staring at something. She's laying on the floor upside down, and I lay my head on her butt. Somehow I start walking on an open field, and find some candies spread on the floor. I see one has a peculiar shape. I pick it up to see through its partially transparent wrapper, it has the shape of a pumpkin. I remember there's something about it and pick it up while trying to remember what was it. I remember it was a task of the Month! I notice finally it's a dream, because of I was regularly RC'ing during my WL every time I saw a pumpkin because of there's a lot of them here and there, specially in the supermarkets this month. Now I remember, it's not about something with the shape of a pumpkin. I must find one. I turn to see on the grass, there's a small one almost in front of me. I pick it up and draw a cut with my finger on its top as I planned to do because of I used to open portals that way. It's not difficult to get the pumpkin top cut. I lift the small lid to see inside. It looks like the interior of an orange. Actually the skin of the pumpkin turns flexible and I manage to get a big orange out of the pumpkin turning it upside down. The big orange falls on my hand and it has the same cut on the top. What a big imagination! I was hoping to find something more "expectacular". I think I can do it better. I turn to see somewhere else, and find a bigger pumpkin to my side. I pick it up and make the same cut drawing with my finger, wondering why some people need knifes to do this task. I lift its lid to see once again/...

    * Dream fades to black. I'm still trying to remember what was there the second time I did it. I think perhaps it was something similar because of I stopped paying attention.

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