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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Lucid DC help me to put on my shoes

    by , 10-01-2014 at 01:48 PM (1027 Views)
    False Awakening, Lucid

    .../I woke up in our current apartment, when I have some issues with one of my teeth. It's moving and after I while it falls out. I think it's bad because of it's one of the front side. I look for a mirror to see how bad is it looking. I don't see much difference. It's not that bad after all I think. It looks like a candy mint. I'm sitting on my bed thinking perhaps it was better to happen when I feel another tooth moving. I remember it uses to be a dreamsign! The first thing I do, look fot the tattoo. It's completely distorted this time, no need for more questions. It's wonderful, the place looks so real. It's around noon. I start spitting the pieces of teeth I have in my mouth when I remember it's a useless thing to do, because it never ends. I stop doing it, it's hard because of the amount of pieces there and I try to remember some lucid goal while start to take a walk in the apartment. I see our shoes on the floor, when it comes to my mind PercyLucid's dare! I find the perfect pair of shoes for this task, my beloved shoes from the old days. I take them and go to the balcony to look for my wife to ask her to help me. I know she's there because of it's summer like dreamscape and she uses to study there during those days. She's there, I give her the shoes and ask her to help me to put them on. She looks to me very tender. I sit on the chair, and she put my first shoe on. It's a little bit difficult to put, but finally I have it nicely adjusted to my right foot. Now the another one, I see some laces are inside of it, but I don't care. The same, it takes a little until I have it perfectly adjusted to my foot. I realize there's a stereo recorder on a table and some music is playing in the background. I recall the good feelings of the old days, and I'm very happy to see her again in a dream this way. I give her a sweet kiss before I go inside the apartment to remember some other task to do. The music sounds great! I turn the volume up with my mind. The music is wonderful! I feel very happy, when I get into the apartment, trying to remember some other task. No other idea comes to my mind but the feeling of how much I love her. I stand up, and want to give her a warm hug thinking to myself I do love her. When I turn to get back, she gets upset into the apartment, saying something about our neighbor is going to rise our bill for electricity consume for this month because of the music. I get upset with that guy, thinking to myself for who the hell thinks he is to bother her. I see him on the next house working on his hanging garden. Then I turn to see to the front of our house, there's a huge park. I want to go there/...

    * Unfortunately the alarm clock goes off and I have little time to take some notes which I take the opportunity to post in the Lucid Dares thread. The riff is still playing in my head. I make some voice recording to catch it. I went to work hearing it for a while.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      This dream is sooo sweet!

      It's exciting that you could remember the music!
      Are you going to attempt the musical bonus task this month?

      Can you tell me about the tattoo you're using for RCs?
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    2. Box77's Avatar
      This dream is sooo sweet!
      It's motivating when those feelings come out from time to time. It helps me with this DC counter part in WL There's a lot of History behind that DC in particular.

      It's exciting that you could remember the music!
      Are you going to attempt the musical bonus task this month?
      I didn't work that latter piece of music because of time basically. I'm looking forward to share some other fragments here too. I was thinking about giving that task a try too, and I think it could be pretty interesting to hear a wall playing some industrial tunes

      Can you tell me about the tattoo you're using for RCs?
      It's a little tattoo I made back in the days in my hand. I don't remember when I started to use it to RC but it was after joining DV. At the beginning I was just checking my hands (you know, no fingers, lot of fingers, weird skin, etc) until I finally found a proper use to that "What I was thinking to do this!" thing. I could say it works in a 70-80% of efficiency. Most of the times it's not there or is completely distorted, but sometimes I'm like "Does it really look like this?" and even once I had a lucid where I was checking the wrong hand which I noticed when I woke up for real and it wasn't there neither.

      P.s. I took your advice on using a back up RC because of that little problem though. It's great to have a back up RC to help.
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