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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Lucid in the ruins.

    by , 09-18-2014 at 11:27 AM (787 Views)
    .../I'm taking the trash out when it starts playing in the background the D.R.I. song "Enemy Within". I start thinking to myself that when I was a kid, I pretty much liked the music style but I've never paid attention enough to the whole lyrics, and start wondering about what exactly it says. When I see an unfriendly guy walking in the opposite direction. I suspect he's the guy who's ruining the place and notice he's trying to be dauntingly hostile with me, that pisses me off. I push him back, hold him from the head and take him to have a walk on an abandoned place to teach him some good manners. I'm walking through a street passage, when I want to squeeze his head against the wall, I notice this feeling could be a dream sign, then I realize that I have no body, it's just like I'm visualizing all of it!I focus on walking and start paying more attention to my surroundings. I feel like I'm holding a long branch in stead of the guy, I can hear how I drag it on the ground. Slowly I start to feel my body in the dream while I slowly walk. Yeah! I feel the weight of the branch and lift it to my front to see it's a leather jacket. I put it on, completely amazed of how I entered the dream this time. I'm in the middle of an abandoned yard of a country side house in ruins. There's no roof, and just the walls stand around. Some vegetation has grown here and there. It's illuminated like there's street lighting around but I don't see any source of light. My sex drive starts to take over. I don't have idea about what could I do, but I feel excited about the possibilities. I see my shadow is blurry and turning into a female shape taking a shower. As a first step, I decide to take off my clothes which are pretty close to that in my profile picture. When I'm starting to loosen my pants, crossing a doorframe, I see my shoes and I remember the related TOTM. I think I'll find a pair of shoes in the next space. Crossing the doorframe, I turn to my right and see a pair of velcro shoes, for men this time, next to a waterway. I don't waste my time and sit next to them to take mine out. I start with my right foot and just pull the shoe out. The laces just follow the motion, like it was not tied. I do the same with the left foot and see that the laces seem to be tied around my ankle again. I just pull it harder and goes out with no problem. I put the velcro shoes on and stand up to see the tapes are not properly adjusted. A minor detail I think then I turn and start walking somewhere when I remember the Expecto Patronus task! I want to do this one since it seems to be pretty easy. I hold a stick from the ground thinking that it may work wood for a wand. point it to the front and say the words. I see a bit of smoke rising from the tip like it is an incense stick. I go to the next space and repeat it again more confidently. More smoke rises from the tip. The place is still empty, no animal, no bug, nothing. I turn and see inside a mirror hanging on the wall of what apparently was a room. I see a blurry reflection of me, and remember that I must feel specially happy to do this task. My first thought is sex! Ok, I think about the good feeling and say the words louder. My throat hurts a little. More smoke and I start looking around to see something, when I see the shadow of an eagle moving on the floor. I turn to the skies to see it, but it's a dark night sky. Then I hear it screeching, like it's flying away. I don't know if it counts but I decide to properly adjust my shoes when I start feeling the whole dream is fading.

    * Woke up after that.
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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Nice Eagle patronus Well done!
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    2. Box77's Avatar
      Thanks!! I was thinking it was going to be something four legged. It's fun how it turns into unexpected ways. I'd like to see it closer though.
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      remember that I must feel specially happy to do this task. My first thought is sex!
      LOL. Good plan!

      Expecto Patronus
      Ahhhh, that's what you meant in your comment! Fortunately in your dream world, the Harry Potter universe has to conform to you, not the other way around. Good job with this one! At the very least that's a partial success, maybe even a full one!

      Nice job and congrats on the lucid!
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    4. Box77's Avatar
      Thanks! I said it in the thread, I will end up with a lot of fried wings at the end of the month.
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