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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Semi-lucid planning how I'm going to do the fractal dare

    by , 10-29-2014 at 05:26 PM (1156 Views)
    Non-lucid, False Awakening, Semi-lucid and Additional notes

    Went to take a nap, and I fell asleep while playing some Sudoku, the hard level with diagonals...

    .../I'm in the corner of our building. There's a garage door turning to the left side of the corner. Apparently it's part of our apartment. I take two low tom drums and sit next to the playground. I start playing some rhythms that I consider to sound like a war call. I like how it sounds and want to record this one. I see one of the patches is broken. There are a couple of punk kids walking around the neighborhood. I decide to go back into the house taking the two drums with me. Apparently the dream has ended and now I'm still laying on my bed 'thinking'. My 'thoughts' start to appear in front of my eyes, I don't consider this to be a lucid state, I just know that I'm not awake. Then I remember that I have the fractal dare in my things to do list. While I'm waiting for the dream to properly 'materialize'. I look for an image of a fractal where I could start this task. The whole floor turns into a cut shell structure like this:

    I'm standing on the lines and notice it's diffracting in small portions of the same pattern to the borders like the borders of a crocheted doily.

    I go there thinking that in order to perform the task, I must dive into those small structures. I think I have to zoom into those structures in order to do so. I knee on the web of lines and stare deeper into the structure. It doesn't take too much until I'm inside a huge 3D fractal structure of the same pattern. I think this is going to be awesome when I'm fully lucid. I turn on my back thinking that it's the best image I could come up with. When a thought (those very imaginative thoughts that only show up when I'm dreaming) gets into my mind: "What about if I cheat it? I mean, I could jump into foam bubbles and wallow on it! That's a fractal too". Then I remember it should be a romanesco and the task would be awesome too, like this one shell like pattern I'm wallowing on right now. I wallow extremely happy on this structure.
    Then I turn and fall to my side and end laying upside down against the mattress which is leaning against the wall. It's very uncomfortable here. I think I could RC to confirm if I'm not already dreaming when some hands pull my feet to the other side of the mattress. It's my wife and she seems to be very horny. She kisses me but her tongue tastes a little bit disgusting and I don't like it's texture, but damn, It has been so long (?) since she doesn't do something like this. I go on with the play trying to drive her passion in the right way/...

    * Woke up to realize my little mistake...
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    non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , side notes


    1. StephL's Avatar
      Soo beautiful!!
      Soo proud of you!!

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    2. Box77's Avatar
      Thank you very much!! Next time I will try to ensure it's a romanesco and this time, I'll be fully lucid!! I hope