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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Spring Competition 2024

    by , 03-31-2024 at 10:50 PM (72 Views)
    Night 2


    Ö/weíre sitting on the table, possibly having dinner or some. Itís night and itís a very narrow place. The table looks like theirs but smaller. Iím sitting in front of J, E sits to her right. Iím telling some story about somebody else who I think itís J. I get confused because if that personís name was J. I donít remember whatís Jís name then. Itís an embarrassing situation. I feel very confused/Ö


    NL fragments

    Ö/itís a known dreamscape inside a sort of school. To this side, the rooms are connected to each other with a door on the corner. Every room has only two doors except for the last one that has only one. Itís more than five rooms in a row. We get to the last one with a group of friends from school. I see JG, W and O among others. Weíre sitting on the places. The classroom is dark. Somebody comes to tell us we must leave for some reason. Possibly the same reparations that are taking place at home in WL. Maybe itís was just the time to close the school because itís late. Not sure about it. This dreamland has a lot of branches around and inside this school. Everybody starts picking their jackets hanging on the chairs and stuff put all around. We are in a hurry/Ö

    Ö/weíre traveling around the city like we were on a roller coaster. We make a big open turn to the left. I start talking using a friendís particular voice accent, making fun of it. I realize I donít know much about him since long ago. I turn to my right to ask E what happened with CH. He clarifies CH has gone to sleep. He couldnít go along with his illnesses, operations and stuff. I get uncomfortable knowing many people from that time of my life is gone. It feels weird to know heís gone/Ö

    Ö/the same works that are taking place at my place in WL and get more complicated. I see one of the guys carrying a Tupperware that I specially interacted with the day before, filled with electronics or some similar stuff/Ö

    There were some other details of this last fragment that I was recalling before I noticed I wasnít using the voice recorder. Lost them :/
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