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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Spring Competition 2024

    by , 04-01-2024 at 07:42 PM (64 Views)
    Night 3

    Fragment 1:

    Ö/Thereís something about a game thatís taking place that look like football-soccer although with different rules. Thereís no ball. Iím not sure if Iím taking part of it or just expecting on the side. Iím immerse into collecting stuff or looking for it. Thereís something about a shaving foam bottle/Ö

    I shortly wake up to dictate the notes to the voice recorder. I pressed pause for short periods as I try to recall more details. The last pause was too long and I was already falling asleep. I had to look for the recorder that got lost between the blankets. After that one last note I went back to sleep while trying to remember more details of the previous dream


    NL fragments:

    Ö/Iím setting up a game board. Now the soccer-like game looks more like a game board and the players now are only action figures. Now I see thereís stuff arranged on different points of the field. Thereís some military vehicles as well. Some of the players sit in an office on one side of the board like it was a special feature/Ö

    Ö/I see R working around with his writing board on his hand. The place is gray and he moves slow. I feel uncomfortable seeing his expression. He acts like something is not right and goes somewhere else. Heís wearing a pale light brown pullover/Ö

    I was about to ignore this detail because of R is a recurrent DC that shows up every now and then at my dream work place

    Ö/I see the shadows of trees falling down against the sunlight. Itís like a machine is cutting them down while I move along the highway. Iím heading to the sunset with the sun slightly to the right side of the horizon/Ö

    Ö/There's something about meeting a girl Iím just looking for/Ö

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