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    4th DJ-Attempt

    The wolf-dog pack

    by , 08-20-2014 at 05:13 PM (297 Views)
    Hypnagogia, non-lucid

    - I hear somebody is writing with a marker on paper while I'm distractedly thinking about dream signs

    .../I get to a high place on a hill. I find some pals from the university. We talk about something, then I must go down. I realize I'm on the roof of a two or three floors house. I hang from the ledge and let myself fall doing some acrobatic movements to avoid hurting me/...

    .../My wife carefully serves some dishes but she looks upset because she made some mistake putting a piece of flesh with a portion of rice next to it. I don't get what's wrong, but I want to help her to put the rice back to the pot. She gets annoyed because of it cannot be done. She asks me to throw it and get a clean dish because the rice goes on the right and we must respect the formalities.
    Her dad (who's not her real dad) is helping her, but I see he's already eating some. I got upset and tell her it's not fair what they are doing because on one hand she asks me to respect the formalities while her dad is doing the opposite. I decide to go out. She asks me to be careful because of a wolf pack has been seen around the place. I see a lone gray wolf on the mountains next to the city, and a group of wolfs of around 10, wandering on the street, when I notice there's a black wolf among them. I tell her, a real wolf pack couldn't have a black wolf. It must be a wolf-dog pack, because of black wolves got extinct long ago I explain. I see a big dark brown dog-wolf licking the stove. Definitively it's a group of dog-wolves I say while I walk between some of them which are lying on the floor to get out of the house which is in the middle of a narrow street/...

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    non-lucid , dream fragment