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    1. The Extraordinary Outdoors

      by , 02-25-2011 at 06:34 PM (Out of the Briar Patch)
      The Extraordinary Outdoors (DILD)


      I am in an unfamiliar building, though I've been here before in dreams. It's sort of like a school, of sorts, and it's located in a remote locale up in the mountains. Inside I find myself in a well-lit hallway. The lighting of this place is always a strong white glow, almost like natural sunlight. There are some troublemaker characters here, and they're talking about their reckless lifestyle. I caution them to take life a bit more seriously (though not too seriously). Not certain that I got through to them, I decide to take off for the exit.

      I step outside to a forested mountainscape view of unsurpassable beauty. I know I'm dreaming, there is no need for a reality check. I hear some rustling in the foliage nearby and wonder if it's a bear. Not seeing anything I continue along a dirt path through the trees leading away from the academy's main entrance. I consider making a portal (after all, there are things my waking self would like me to do while lucid), but am too caught up in the beauty of this dreamscape to seriously entertain leaving. I've never become lucid here before, and I just want to soak it all up.

      I walk further down the path and catch glimpses through the trees of vast valleys and majestic mountains off in the distance. The air up here is so pure, so crisp, so fresh! The sunlight is so clean, so bright and warm! This is definitely a place I need to come to more often. I feel the energy of it. It's vibrating all around me, washing through me, becoming a part of me.

      I look at the ground beneath me. The twigs, leaves, specs of dirt and tiny rocks--the detail here quite possibly surpasses that of waking reality. I take a look at my hands--a red flag goes off that this experience is about to end--and instead of stabilizing I decide to just observe. I look at the lines, the shadows, the overall texture. It's incredible. I've had detailed lucids before, but this is just mindblowing.

      Reality starts to fade--to dissipate, really. I am sad to see it end, but know that it is time to wake. I slowly reenter consensual reality and find that, indeed, that the hour is getting late.

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    2. The Girl and the Lynx

      by , 02-22-2011 at 09:21 PM (Out of the Briar Patch)
      The Girl and the Lynx (Non-lucid)


      It's daylight, and I'm walking along a footpath on the University of Missouri campus. This sidewalk passes through some trees in a cove surrounded by three buildings; off to my right is the Chemistry building that I know well from childhood.

      There's a girl with me; I have no idea who she is, and indeed I don't even recall what she looks like or what name she goes by. But we are walking together, side by side, and she is important for some reason.

      As we near the trees, the girl spots a White Hawk resting on some low-lying branches overhead. I tell her that the Hawk has lived here for years (a dream memory), and the girl seems to agree that this must be the case. I walk carefully as we pass under the branches.

      The path now passes between two buildings; up ahead is an open grassy area where, perhaps 30 meters away, stands the girl's father. At his feat lies a Lynx or young Lion, I cannot determine which, exactly. The girl steps forward towards her dad, and I follow closely behind. Her dad seems quite nice, and we all chat for a few minutes.

      My attention, however, is fixated on that big, wild cat at our feet. It bares its long canines to show me that it can tear me to pieces if I make a wrong move. I'd like to think I could fend it off somehow if necessary, but it's probably best to avoid angering it in the first place. I grow wary, but the girl's dad says not to worry, just tread lightly and the cat won't harm me.

      I take his advice, and all three of us walk further along the sidewalk to a parking lot where the girl's dad has parked his car. And as we do, I can practically feel the cat's eyes on my back--watching attentively--as I walk away.

      When we arrive at the car there is a momentary question of who should take the passenger seat. I offer it up to the girl, but her dad insists I ride up front with him. The dream ends here, but I am left with the weird feeling that I had just been speaking with my dad, though the girl was most certainly not my sister. How strange.

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    3. Mr. Darcy's Project

      by , 02-19-2011 at 12:01 AM (Out of the Briar Patch)
      Mr. Darcy's Project (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my room on campus, lying on my back in bed. It must be overcast outside, because the morning light is pretty dim coming through the window.

      A pleasant Asian girl who I don't really recognize (but she seems familiar for some reason?) steps lightly into my room. I watch her as she crawls up in bed and sits on my legs, facing me. She says it's my birthday. That's cool. I ask her if she'd like to be my birthday present, and apparently she would. We begin to kiss, but then somebody interrupts us.

      It's my middle school principal, and he's just walked into my room. He wants to check up on a project he's had me working on lately, and so I reluctantly but dutifully search for some important pertinent documents I've left in my desk. I'm looking for a particular sheet of information that he gave me on a previous meeting, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Time is running short. A woman's voice calls my name and I wake.

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