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    Out of the Briar Patch

    The Story Begins

    by , 02-20-2011 at 06:20 PM (610 Views)
    The Story Begins (Non-lucid)


    I appear to be at Andrea's friend Phoebe's Upper East Side apartment for some sort of family dinner. Mom and Dad are here, along with some of my extended family. I've got both my copies of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in hand, and I show them to Mom lamenting that I have 500 pages of reading to do in just 36 hours. I check my bookmark, though, and realize I've already read the first 400 pages. I suppose it's easy reading, then.

    I'm not certain this is Phoebe's apartment, but it's certainly upscale and elaborately decorated. All of my family is here, but notably Pheobe and her family are not. Meal time comes around and of course there's nothing here for me to eat. The kids (whoever they may be) are getting macaroni; and the adults: some fancy concoction of meat, cheese, and grains.

    I go to the dining room and find in the corner a couple serving platters of vegetables. I serve myself some seaweed that looks like long black noodles. I hear mom behind me say something; I don't hear the words clearly but it seems like she's telling me that the food is good.

    I wake.

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