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    1. Autumn23 - nights 11-14

      by , 09-17-2023 at 08:49 PM
      So I’m not exactly sure which days some of these dreams happened, but I think I got a rough idea:

      Night 11:
      - WBTB (+2)

      Night 12:
      - 2 non-lucid frags (+1)
      - WBTB (+2)

      Night 13:
      - WBTB (+2)
      - Lucid
      I realized I was dreaming (+10) in a small room, and ripped open the ceiling to get out (+5 super strength, a DC said it was humanly unfeasible to do it). I flew (+5) out, and woke up shortly after.

      Night 14:
      - 2 non-lucid frags (+1)
      - WBTB (+2)
    2. Autumn23 - Night 9, 10

      by , 09-11-2023 at 09:39 PM
      Night 9
      - WBTB (+2)
      - Lucid:
      ..After I woke into an FA, I realized I was in New Jersey for some reason. I realized you can’t just fall asleep at home and wake up an entire 2 states away, so I got lucid (+10). I don’t really remember anything else points-worthy that happened this night.

      Night 10
      - WBTB (+2)
      - Non-lucid (+1)
      - Lucid:
      I heard dream characters around discussing dream control, so I just got lucid (+10) and went outside. I spawned an orb infront of me (+10 advanced summon), and that orb had the power to bring anything into the dream world.
      I don’t know how I came up with that on the spot, but at least it got me points.
      Then dream characters asked me to bring things to the dream for them (food ingredients), so I did that (+2 DC interaction, +5 basic summon).
      I woke up shortly after.


      Total: 42 points
    3. Autumn23 - nights 3-6

      by , 09-06-2023 at 09:54 PM
      Night 3

      - Two non-lucid fragments [+2]
      - WBTB [+2]

      Night 4
      - Two non-lucid fragments [+2]
      - WBTB [+2]

      Night 5
      - Lucid
      I don’t remember much, but I got lucid [+10] in a parking lot, I forgot to do basically anything and woke up quickly
      - WBTB [+2]

      Night 6
      - Lucid
      I was in a dark area in a car, and it almost drove off a cliff, causing me to realize I’m dreaming [+10], then I must’ve lost lucidity later
      - WBTB [+2]

    4. Summer Comp 14, I think

      by , 06-15-2023 at 10:19 PM
      WBTB: +2

      DILD: +10

      At my house.
      There was a small vial of some sort of medicine. Supposedly, it was supposed to help DEILDing and general WILDing.
      I drink the entire thing. It tasted.. warm and bitter, slightly cheesy. I don’t know why I’d even drink a supplement
      I went into the back yard, but it was snowing.. in the summertime. Since I’ve MILDed on a similar dream before, I got lucid.
      I went to the front yard, and I was planning to do something. But I don’t really remember what. I laid down on the ice-cold ground for some reason.
      Shortly after, I woke up to my first wbtb of the night.

      Usually I don’t have lucids pre-WBTB, but I guess this is one of those cases. Eh, well it’s free points, I’ll take it.
      lucid , dream fragment
    5. Summer comp 11

      by , 06-12-2023 at 09:38 PM
      Non-lucid frag: +0.5
      Wbtb: +2

      Lucid: +10
      I don’t really remember this lucid, but I did realize I was dreaming then woke into an FA.

      That is all.
    6. Summer comp 7, 8, 9, 10

      by , 06-11-2023 at 06:58 PM
      I don’t really want to write down the non-lucids right now, so…

      Night 7: Nothing
      Night 8: 2 non-lucid frags, and a wbtb (+3)
      Night 9: full non-lucid and wbtb (+3)


      Night 10:

      full non-lucid (+1)
      wbtb (+2)

      I was in another non-lucid ULTRAKILL dream (seems to be a VERY strong recurring theme).
      It was a decently sized room of weapons to choose from, and I decided to physically pick up the nailgun.
      Due to having the same thing happen in a previous non-lucid in the night, I instantly realized I was dreaming (+10).
      Right after that, my nailgun duplicated into two, so I had to get banish the second one (+5 basic unsummon).
      The nailgun is an electronic device, so I tried firing it.. it didn’t work very well, but I tried, so.. (+5 use an electronic device)
      The handle of the nailgun also felt weird, so I used dream control to make it feel normal again. (+5 unspecified control)
      After all of that, I woke up, DEILDed (+2 chain a lucid), and so began the saga..
      The remainder of this lucid is all the work of way too many DEILD chains that messed with my recall. They were all mostly fake chains, but I know that two of them were real.
      The first chain I remember was at my grandmother’s house. There was someone driving by, so I thought I’d test my luck against them and fight.
      I mind-controlled them to be hostile to me (+5 dc manipulation).
      After I fought him for a while, my vision blackened, and I fake-DEILDed into a faint hallucination of once again, an area in ultrakill, yay.
      I stayed in that faint hallucination until I felt comfortable enough to teleport out without waking.
      I teleported right above a forest, first-thing (+10). I fell down to the forest floor from about 100ft in the air, which might prove myself to be invulnerable? (+5 for proved invulnerability?)
      Once I got to the ground, there was eight or so dogs following me and being annoying.
      This made me wake up for real, but thankfully DEILDing still worked (+2). I felt my IRL body and dream body separately, and eventually only my dream body, into a scene I no longer recall.
      (Memory gap.)
      I fake-chain into the final scene, in my house. I see outside, some sort of car chase going on in my backyard.
      Decided to grab a knife as defense, and go check out what exactly was going on.
      No idea, couldn’t tell what the ruckus was about. I woke up for the final time, shortly after.


      That was a really packed lucid, after a few days of radio silence.

      Adds up to 58 points.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Summer comp 4, 5, 6

      by , 06-07-2023 at 06:15 PM

      Outside, at my house. I was looking to see if all the chickens were there in the yard.
      They were.
      I think I went somewhere after that, but this is just a frag

      I was watching an AI play a game for me. There was options to tweak the AI’s balance between “casual and PvP” gameplay.

      Grandmother’s house. I can’t remember the context once again, but I tripped and the dream ended. I went for a DEILD. A dream of my PR formed, but I still thought it was a visualization, so I was too afraid to move.
      (+0.5, not counting as a WILD since I never knew I was dreaming, only thought it was a vis)

      Also did a WBTB.



      Nothing but WBTB.




      Grandmother’s house, once again. I realized I was dreaming on the road
      (+10 DILD).
      But I still followed the dream plot at first, opening up YouTube to see a short clip, of Sensei saying this:
      “Wanna create a persistent realm? Stop worrying about teleporting once, and start worrying about teleporting 3x in a row.”
      This made complete sense to me immediately; Worrying about teleporting once shall cause me to not teleport at all, but worrying about teleporting 3x in a row suggests that I can already do it once. Mental trickery.
      (+10 for teammate teaching me something)
      I tried out the advice. Phased through the concrete (this is my teleportation method) and that ended up triggering a short-range teleport a few yards ahead on the road, on first try.
      (+25, first of my three-step task is fully phasing through big object. I also teleported.)
      But I did wake up before I could try out long-range teleportation.

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      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Summer comp 3

      by , 06-04-2023 at 05:39 PM
      Don’t remember the context of this one, but I realized I was dreaming (+10 for DILD), and then everything started to fade for no reason.
      So, I quickly did something to reform the dream so it didn’t completely go, and it ended up becoming an FA when it was reformed, so I lost lucidity, thinking I missed my opportunity.
      But I walked into the living room of my house, and did an RC quickly (+1 for RC / Stabilization), which made me realize I was dreaming again.
      I then walked out to the front yard with no footwear on, then onto the road.
      I was thinking of burrowing into the ground and completely phasing through it for the three-step task, but unfortunately I woke up right before that.

      For a very long time while I was awake (+2 for WBTB), I tried hard to remember the context to me getting lucid in that dream, but I couldn’t. I eventually just gave up, wrote it down, and returned to sleep.

      I was playing some ULTRAKILL, and I quickly realized I was dreaming (+5 for subsequent DILD). I was in the middle of fighting a malicious face, an enemy which can fire a hitscan laser.
      The malicious face’s laser can be deflected if you throw a coin right at the beam (this is called a chargeback).
      So since it was a dream, I thought I would go for some chargebacks on it. I tried backflipping while throwing a coin, but the coin missed the laser and I almost got shot.
      I think I woke up a little bit after that.

      I was in the middle of falling asleep, when I regained consciousness and realized I could form a dream really quick with WILD, so I focused on random imagery that kept popping in my head, and it worked. (+10 for WILD)
      I entered a dream in my living room. With haste, I moved to the porch, and tried to plan what to do. But once again, I woke up before doing anything.

      Man I really have lucid length issues huh? I really needa fix that.
    9. Summer comp, day 1

      by , 06-02-2023 at 07:30 PM
      My dreams were all over the place in terms of recall. Only remembering the last couple scenes from them.

      First thing I remember is finding screenshots of several people I know online saying horrendous things. I don't remember what these things were.
      After a memory gap, the very next thing I remember was being in this aquatic area, where I questioned why exactly I was there.. Then I woke into an FA, of course.
      When I was in the FA, instead of checking if I was still dreaming, I decided to recall everything so I can journal it.
      Then I woke up for real.

      I remember getting delivered 'ETWOLD 2' in the mail. I immediately went to go read it in my bedroom.
      When I opened to the first page, I couldn't read any of the words properly, dream-brain issue.
      Got into an FA after that, where I finally figured out it was really weird to ever think there'd actually be a sequel to ETWOLD.
      Drifted back into a regular dream plot, at my house.
      An old friend of mine (that no longer lives in the area) was riding a bike down the dirt road.
      Memory gap.
      I was at a foreign location in some town, heading into a building. A dog followed me in, then I got kicked onto the ground by someone.
      The dog promptly dove for my neck and ripped my throat out, wow.
      Then I quickly drifted back awake, quite unphased by it all.

      I was in a foreign building. There was various individuals from my old school, and maybe some family members.
      I don't really remember what happened here, though.

      Dream 1: +0.5
      Dream 2: +1
      Dream 3: +0.5
      WBTB: +2
    10. Comp week 2, almost done already

      by , 03-12-2023 at 03:51 PM
      First time updating in 4 days.

      Day 8: Just WBTB
      Day 9: Just WBTB

      Day 10:

      Non lucid -
      First thing I remember is that I was in my room and my brother was on the edge of the bed. Was trying to use my laptop, but for some reason it was buggy and my mouse kept moving too much. I thought it was a computer virus that I forgot the name of.
      Turns out he was moving my mouse around and there was no virus.

      Memory gap. I'm heading out of an auditorium. it's actually just my old school. I head to the grade 6 science room. While I'm headed there, I hear rumors that there's an 'animation studio' in the school now.
      Inside the room, my old computer teacher was there. He didn't seem to know what he was doing. I could probably do better than him, I think.

      Memory gap again. I'm playing Minecraft now at a void base. A warden spawns, notices me through glass, and kills me with a laser.
      A chicken falls down into the void after I respawn.
      Then a new warden spawns somewhere else and kills me again.

      Day 11 (today):

      Frag -
      I was having a non-lucid but something was a little off: The sound and vision of the dream had little to do with each other. I was hearing people talking about lucid dreaming, while I was trying to do something else I forgot.

      Frag 2 -
      ELD changed his profile picture, and the thumbnails of all his videos. He also renamed the channel to something else.

      Lucid -
      I don’t remember how I got lucid. But as soon as I did, I just flew. No crazy stuff happened, I just flew through a wintery valley for what felt like half an hour. It was kind of fun to just do that.

      Counting up the points

      Full non-lucid: +1
      2 dream frags: +1
      DILD: +10
      4 WBTB (nightly, not subsequent): +8
      Fly: +5

      Total: 25

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      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. 2 years of lucid dreaming and counting

      by , 03-08-2023 at 08:24 PM
      I began lucid dreaming today 2 years ago. This is a pretty good start for the next year to come, as last night I recalled 3 non-lucid frags, had 1 DILD, and 1 WILD. I didn’t complete any dream control goals.

      (This journal entry contains spoilers for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 8: Jojolion)

      I was reading some Jojolion (Seemed like the chapters with the stand that removed your ability to differentiate faces and words).
      It was the part where Yasuho thought she was talking to Josuke, but it was really Joshu.
      Memory gap, then I was reading a panel of Josuke and Yasuho finding each other and discussing how they were going to defeat the stand user (this panel doesn’t exist irl).
      The dream transferred the scene to me laying in bed with my dog.
      Then I woke up.

      I found myself in my old school’s gym. We were playing hockey, and I was doing horribly.
      I was kind of getting embarrassed, and then I nonchalantly figured out I was dreaming.
      I exited the gym through the door to the left of the stage. In the halls, my brother and his friend walked out. I got kind of scared, seeing as he previously loved to ruin my lucids. So I noclipped into the floor above, but it was too late. He grabbed me and then I woke up.

      I woke up from a non-lucid dream I no longer recall, and kept my eyes closed, and thought that just maybe I could chain it into a lucid.
      And it happened. A very faint dream formed, one where I was able to reality check. I did the nose-pinch test, and it worked. However, I quickly realized that this dream was really faint and unvivid— I quickly “woke up” into a false awakening.
      I did the nose-pinch test again to check if I was really awake, and I breathed through my nose, an indication that I’m dreaming. However, my brain rationalized this somehow as me just having a stuffy nose (there’s no way that logic would work out??). So I went non-lucid again.
      I walked out of my room, into the living room, and my dog was wide awake and sitting on the couch.
      Went into the kitchen. I acknowledged the ‘feeling’ I was getting of still being in bed dreaming, but I didn’t connect the dots.
      Then I woke up, ironically. Chaining the lucid did not work.

      Time to count up points.

      Had a DILD: +10
      Had a WILD: +10
      Had a non-lucid (3 fragments from the same dream): +1
      Used WBTB: +2
      Phased through solid object +10
      RC + 1

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    12. Comp day 1, 2, and 3

      by , 03-04-2023 at 06:42 PM
      Day 1: March 2nd, 2023
      Nothing happened, just did a WBTB.
      — — —
      Day 2: March 3rd, 2023
      Very long non-lucids, with a DILD at the end

      (This journal contains midgame area spoilers for Ori and the Blind Forest.
      Also, if you are a sensitive person who doesn’t like hearing about death, I advise you to hold off on reading the 2nd dream.)

      Dream 1 -
      I was at a school/hospital or something like that. My mother needed to go there for something.

      I don't know where this is, but I could've sworn there was something about Synapse X or Roblox in this dream. Or, well, this feeling of the dream reminds me of it.

      Here's when the plot starts to diverge in my memory. I don't know what came first.
      I think the first thing that happened is that I went to the room my mother was in, and saw she was in a vault. On the left side of it, there was a little light that was turned on, and next to it was a white label: "BLOOD DONATION" .

      Memory gap happens.
      I go back to this lobby-ish area in the school. Theres a couple small sofas and chairs.

      Maybe the next thing that happens - I got on my laptop, and fired up Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I went onto my main save > quick access. It turns out, in this dream, there was quick access options for Blind Forest areas, like the misty woods, ginso tree escape, etc.
      I went onto the Misty Woods quick access, and saw that it was just the entire misty woods, except I had WOTW abilities, like spirit edge.

      After playing for a while, I get to that one area with a laser puzzle, where the platforms invert every time you jump. Except this time, it's not that puzzle, its a fight with 3 things.. I don't remember what these things are. But I die to them, I think. I don't remember what happens next in this section of the dream. I'll move onto another.

      The other thing that happened somewhere in this dream, is a Minecraft section. It wouldn't be a non-lucid without a minecraft part, of course.
      In this minecraft dream, it was an augmented reality game of sorts that a youtuber was playing. It also seemed mojang-endorsed, very corporate. I don't actually remember much about this section of the dream -- I'll leave it at that.

      Next, I hear a kid spreading rumors that I'm a reality shifter. I think his words were along the lines of "He shifts his consciousness.." Or something like that. I couldn't make the words out well.

      After that, I was downloading some file from a website. You could use a dropdown menu to pick what file type it is, and i chose .rar
      I think I was getting scolded for choosing that by my mother.

      Suddenly the dream switched subjects to my mother opening an image I created with Sticknodes (supposedly a meme of some sorts. I had a fake memory of creating it)
      My brother, who wasn't even in the room, somehow saw it and was telling me that even though it was extremely trash, it would still do well on something like the SN discord or SN youtube.

      Dream 2 -
      I start at my house I think, on a 3DS. I see that some of my old messages with dono are still there, and I'm wondering if im able to find him again and talk to him.
      Suddenly, yup, I've found him. And due to dream logic, he immediately appears.
      He doesn't look like how he did in those video calls though. He was black. And he didn't look like a kid either.
      I don't really wanna go in-depth with this part. It makes me uncomfortable.
      Anyway, later the dream decides to switch scenes to a big city. It's very large, dark, and open. Like a cyberpunk one.
      There's kids playing hide-and-seek. I don't know why, but I'm in the game too I guess. It felt like a VR fever dream.
      I remember one part where I was climbing into a small area and a kid followed me. Then I saw that there actually was someone hiding in the small area but he escaped before I could tag him.
      I have another memory gap. Then I see that a giant fucking monster made of buildings is crushing the city and killing everyone. One car with a child and her mother got split in half, with the mother crushed to death and the child falling off the bridge into water where it presumably drowned.
      The dream literally had me instant-replay this moment several times from different perspectives, so I think it was a fictional event and not dying ""IRL"" in the dream.
      That's all I remember from that dream.

      I had a DILD before dream 1 and 2 though:
      I don't remember literally anything about this, except that I dove into the ground, attempted that dream control method that Mzzkc was talking about, and failed. I think I woke up after that but I don't remember.

      — — —
      Day 3 (Today, March 4, 2023)

      [This dream is just notes, since I didn’t feel like writing the entire thing out.]
      I was the impostor in among us irl game and there was more abilities this time
      I almost won the game but in the end I was voted
      I went to this weird place and I don’t feel like explaining it but there was a guy who took my iPad and then locked it forever, but he did a shitty job because I could still use apps like n+otes

      I was packing my stuff to walk home I guess, but my brother told me to just get in the car and it’ll auto drive
      We stopped at some sort of party that the entire family was having, but I just walked to my grandmother’s house
      I got to it and then hopped in the shower, where I realized I was dreaming
      But the dream nearly ended and I was stuck with one dream eye open seeing the showerhead. I don’t remember after that
      — — —

      So yeah. Gotta add up all my points.

      I did WBTB for all 3 days +3
      Remembered 2 non-lucids +2
      Had 2 DILDS (On separate days, not subsequent) +20

      Total for the past 3 days: 25 points 29 points (The host has clarified in DMs that I gathered 29 points, not 25)

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    13. A short dream scene of playing tf2

      by , 03-01-2023 at 05:42 PM
      Playing tf2.
      I was on pl_upward, on blu team, as a spy. I was next to blu spawn, on the building where snipers usually sit. So I disguised as a blue sniper
      (Immediate few dream signs here. As a spy, I’d try being behind the lines of the enemy team, and I wouldn’t be disguising as a blue sniper anyway because I never disguise as my own team.)
      Looking to the left of the building, I see a mirrored version of it (which doesn’t exist in the real pl_upward), with a red sniper on it.
      The red sniper comes to the building I’m on. He appears to be friendly though.
      I look down below the building, and I see many players causing chaos and fighting.
      (I don’t remember exactly how many players were down there, but it was definitely way over 24, which is the player cap for casual tf2 servers. This is another dream sign.)
      That’s all I remember right now from this dream.