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    1. A short dream scene of playing tf2

      by , 03-01-2023 at 05:42 PM
      Playing tf2.
      I was on pl_upward, on blu team, as a spy. I was next to blu spawn, on the building where snipers usually sit. So I disguised as a blue sniper
      (Immediate few dream signs here. As a spy, Iíd try being behind the lines of the enemy team, and I wouldnít be disguising as a blue sniper anyway because I never disguise as my own team.)
      Looking to the left of the building, I see a mirrored version of it (which doesnít exist in the real pl_upward), with a red sniper on it.
      The red sniper comes to the building Iím on. He appears to be friendly though.
      I look down below the building, and I see many players causing chaos and fighting.
      (I donít remember exactly how many players were down there, but it was definitely way over 24, which is the player cap for casual tf2 servers. This is another dream sign.)
      Thatís all I remember right now from this dream.