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    1. Summer comp 7, 8, 9, 10

      by , 06-11-2023 at 06:58 PM
      I don’t really want to write down the non-lucids right now, so…

      Night 7: Nothing
      Night 8: 2 non-lucid frags, and a wbtb (+3)
      Night 9: full non-lucid and wbtb (+3)


      Night 10:

      full non-lucid (+1)
      wbtb (+2)

      I was in another non-lucid ULTRAKILL dream (seems to be a VERY strong recurring theme).
      It was a decently sized room of weapons to choose from, and I decided to physically pick up the nailgun.
      Due to having the same thing happen in a previous non-lucid in the night, I instantly realized I was dreaming (+10).
      Right after that, my nailgun duplicated into two, so I had to get banish the second one (+5 basic unsummon).
      The nailgun is an electronic device, so I tried firing it.. it didn’t work very well, but I tried, so.. (+5 use an electronic device)
      The handle of the nailgun also felt weird, so I used dream control to make it feel normal again. (+5 unspecified control)
      After all of that, I woke up, DEILDed (+2 chain a lucid), and so began the saga..
      The remainder of this lucid is all the work of way too many DEILD chains that messed with my recall. They were all mostly fake chains, but I know that two of them were real.
      The first chain I remember was at my grandmother’s house. There was someone driving by, so I thought I’d test my luck against them and fight.
      I mind-controlled them to be hostile to me (+5 dc manipulation).
      After I fought him for a while, my vision blackened, and I fake-DEILDed into a faint hallucination of once again, an area in ultrakill, yay.
      I stayed in that faint hallucination until I felt comfortable enough to teleport out without waking.
      I teleported right above a forest, first-thing (+10). I fell down to the forest floor from about 100ft in the air, which might prove myself to be invulnerable? (+5 for proved invulnerability?)
      Once I got to the ground, there was eight or so dogs following me and being annoying.
      This made me wake up for real, but thankfully DEILDing still worked (+2). I felt my IRL body and dream body separately, and eventually only my dream body, into a scene I no longer recall.
      (Memory gap.)
      I fake-chain into the final scene, in my house. I see outside, some sort of car chase going on in my backyard.
      Decided to grab a knife as defense, and go check out what exactly was going on.
      No idea, couldn’t tell what the ruckus was about. I woke up for the final time, shortly after.


      That was a really packed lucid, after a few days of radio silence.

      Adds up to 58 points.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment