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    Summer comp 3

    by , 06-04-2023 at 05:39 PM (205 Views)
    Donít remember the context of this one, but I realized I was dreaming (+10 for DILD), and then everything started to fade for no reason.
    So, I quickly did something to reform the dream so it didnít completely go, and it ended up becoming an FA when it was reformed, so I lost lucidity, thinking I missed my opportunity.
    But I walked into the living room of my house, and did an RC quickly (+1 for RC / Stabilization), which made me realize I was dreaming again.
    I then walked out to the front yard with no footwear on, then onto the road.
    I was thinking of burrowing into the ground and completely phasing through it for the three-step task, but unfortunately I woke up right before that.

    For a very long time while I was awake (+2 for WBTB), I tried hard to remember the context to me getting lucid in that dream, but I couldnít. I eventually just gave up, wrote it down, and returned to sleep.

    I was playing some ULTRAKILL, and I quickly realized I was dreaming (+5 for subsequent DILD). I was in the middle of fighting a malicious face, an enemy which can fire a hitscan laser.
    The malicious faceís laser can be deflected if you throw a coin right at the beam (this is called a chargeback).
    So since it was a dream, I thought I would go for some chargebacks on it. I tried backflipping while throwing a coin, but the coin missed the laser and I almost got shot.
    I think I woke up a little bit after that.

    I was in the middle of falling asleep, when I regained consciousness and realized I could form a dream really quick with WILD, so I focused on random imagery that kept popping in my head, and it worked. (+10 for WILD)
    I entered a dream in my living room. With haste, I moved to the porch, and tried to plan what to do. But once again, I woke up before doing anything.

    Man I really have lucid length issues huh? I really needa fix that.

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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      I had some luck with supplements to help with lucidity length. But YMMV. Meditation is supposed to help too.