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    Summer comp, day 1

    by , 06-02-2023 at 07:30 PM (191 Views)
    My dreams were all over the place in terms of recall. Only remembering the last couple scenes from them.

    First thing I remember is finding screenshots of several people I know online saying horrendous things. I don't remember what these things were.
    After a memory gap, the very next thing I remember was being in this aquatic area, where I questioned why exactly I was there.. Then I woke into an FA, of course.
    When I was in the FA, instead of checking if I was still dreaming, I decided to recall everything so I can journal it.
    Then I woke up for real.

    I remember getting delivered 'ETWOLD 2' in the mail. I immediately went to go read it in my bedroom.
    When I opened to the first page, I couldn't read any of the words properly, dream-brain issue.
    Got into an FA after that, where I finally figured out it was really weird to ever think there'd actually be a sequel to ETWOLD.
    Drifted back into a regular dream plot, at my house.
    An old friend of mine (that no longer lives in the area) was riding a bike down the dirt road.
    Memory gap.
    I was at a foreign location in some town, heading into a building. A dog followed me in, then I got kicked onto the ground by someone.
    The dog promptly dove for my neck and ripped my throat out, wow.
    Then I quickly drifted back awake, quite unphased by it all.

    I was in a foreign building. There was various individuals from my old school, and maybe some family members.
    I don't really remember what happened here, though.

    Dream 1: +0.5
    Dream 2: +1
    Dream 3: +0.5
    WBTB: +2
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    1. Meiseki's Avatar
      The dog promptly dove for my neck and ripped my throat out, wow.
      I actually gasped, seems this surprised me more than you