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    Backpacking with a Drizzle

    by , 09-23-2018 at 08:34 PM (180 Views)
    I'm hiking through some mountains to get somewhere. I took a different route than other people to the point we're meeting at and end up arriving first. Other people are at this spot, but most of them are packing up. I start to unpack and get ready to lay down for some rest. It starts to drizzle rain, however, and my things, including my sleeping pad, start to get wet. Looking up at the sky, I can see it's still sunshine but a dark cloud is right over us and getting bigger. I hope it moves away soon and start blowing up my sleeping pad. I take deep breaths in and surprisingly blow up and significant amount of it in just a few breaths. Everyone from my group starts to show up at this point and ask how I got here so fast.

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