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    Getting to the Competition

    by , 09-13-2018 at 10:02 PM (56 Views)
    I'm walking along the street in my college town with my roommate moving towards the university. We are planning to go to a Smash Bros competition and it's late at night. We head into the Agriculture building in the basement and start looking for the room. We come across others who are also in the competition. They have TV's and controllers in their hands and I hold a door open for them as they walk through. I start to see more and more people enter the building, and not all of them are in the tournament. It's especially strange as it's also late at night, however, I don't end up thinking more about it. A girl I know shows up and starts talking to me. I'm moving up a ramp to start walking and she follows, but gets stuck on the rail for the ramp that heads down. The only thing that stops her from sliding all the way down is her shoe that gets caught on the side.

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