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    A Guy to Guide Me

    by , 07-22-2019 at 11:55 PM (216 Views)
    I'm following some guy in an airplane trying to take off. He taxis around a gas station and I have to follow him through. Since we are in military planes, I have to be careful not to hit anything. I see that the other guy has already taken off, but his plane is now some kind of single prop stunt plane. I look around me and realize my plane has transformed as well. With only a short runway, I climb in to the sky easily and feel my stomach lurch a little as I climb faster than expected. The guy comes back around and tells me to follow him down to a steep ridge line. We land ourselves by clinging to some of the rocks. He tells me that a herd of caribou are up here and he's going to start a stampede along the single file ridge line. I start to panic, though, because I keep losing my grip on the rocks and it's a very long drop down. The guy comes back and tells me it's fine and that there isn't a crazy drop at all. I look behind me, and sure enough, there is no crazy drop. I'm just standing at the top row of some bleachers.

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    Tags: drop, flying