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    A Stratosphere Experience

    by , 09-14-2018 at 06:42 PM (69 Views)
    I'm with Mom walking through the Vegas strip. I can see the Stratosphere behind some of the buildings and I point it out to her. She starts freaking out about its height, but I keep pointing more stuff out to her, like how there is a crew cleaning the sides of it by hanging from above with long washer brushes right next to the drop zone for the bungee jumpers. I want to go up there so I start heading into the building ahead of me to get there. Eventually, I make it up to the top where I'm on some kind of pendulum swing that moves out over the edge every so often. I'm kind of scared because people are falling off all over the place with no safety stuff on at all. Eventually, it stops and I get off. The people controlling the ride give me some tickets, I guess since I was able to stay on, and I walk away. Later, I'm golfing with a group of people on a very difficult hole. Everyone has hit the ball out of bounds so far, and I barely keep my shot on the course. As we walk along the fairway, people start dumping buckets of practice balls and begin hitting towards the hole. I join them but never get to hit a ball before I wake up.

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    Tags: golf, swing, ticket