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    A Bunch of Dream Fragments

    by , 09-20-2019 at 10:31 PM (30 Views)
    DJ Entry # 1
    Morning of 09/20/2019 @ 2:20 am

    - Playing hide and seek at my old apartment that I grew up in, and some zombie looking girl is the one who is seeking. She is at the top floor of the building counting, while Patricia (Childhood Friend) and I quickly run down the stairs to the back of the building. Staying my distance away from her because I feel threatened by her because she looks deranged or I feel she might kill me. Running to Annie's backyard, I hide behind her giant flower pot, where she isn't able to find me.

    -Jahkubb, Julijah, and Jordell are in this dream, we are all hanging out in a location that I am unfamiliar with. Jahkubb and I are sitting on the benches at the bottom of a hill, there are people all around just walking along the path. A female who looks homeless with raggedy hair and wearing torn up clothes is looking at me intensely, so I offer her my seat. She gladly accepts with a smile on her face. As Jahkubb and I are walking up the hill, the homeless lady stops me and hands over a grey knitted scarf. It has holes in it and looks very dirty but I accept it anyway and continue walking up the hill. Next, I appear to be sitting down in a house at the top of the hill with Jahkubb, Julijah, and Jordell passing around a cigarette. ( I forget the dialogue of the dream as it is faint and minimal.)

    -On what seems to be a plane or a train, some male has a distraught look on his face and expresses his want to commit suicide, fearing that he also might want to kill us all, I try to calm him down and he reassures me that he won't commit suicide but continues to have a nervous breakdown and collapses to the floor. I reach for him and hug him while everyone is standing around us with a look of concern.

    -Sitting along a path with two other students involved in some group project for school. We have a giant piece of paper and a whiteboard marker to use. I'm not too sure what Dan (gr.12 teacher) wants us to do with it.

    -Taking public transit bus, not knowing where I am or where I am going, just going where ever the bus takes me and observing the landscapes as it goes by. I get off at an unknown location and start walking along the shore taking in the water observing the people. It is a nice sunny day with light blue and orange skies with a little bit of cloud cover.

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