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    1. Jack and the Beanstalk FAIL

      by , 03-29-2014 at 06:54 PM

      Started out in some random neighborhood. Immediately I realized I was dreaming (SSILD FTW.) For some reason, I was wearing dishwashing gloves. Anyways, I jumped in the air, started flying around. I was looking at the wavy hills of Mexico City, almost slummy but still beautiful. There were no designated areas, all of the buildings were randomly organized together. For instance, a grocery store was right next to a house. I had decided the night before that I would attempt to complete the Jack and the Beanstalk TOTY. First step, need a bean. I found a gas station/marketplace; I landed and found two Hispanic people working there. There was a man standing over the stand and a lady reading a magazine sitting in the corner. I walked over and said,"pinto?" (I'm not racist, I know beans is frijole now.) The guy put his finger in a pot, pulled out a pinto bean and rubbed it onto my hand so that it was smeared. I look back up to him and say again,"pinto?" He rubs another bean into my hand. I starting staring him down. The lady sighs, stands up and present me a giant peanut. It's probably about the size of a basketball. It still has the skin on it, so it's dark purple. I take a deep whiff. Yup, that's a peanut. I smile and say "gracias!" I walk away and start flying. After about 20 seconds of flying I find a hole that had been refilled that is next to a house. I figure it's probably easier to use that than dig a brand new hole. I took off my gloves and dug in. I tried to summon a shovel or something, and then I realized: how was I suppose to dispose of the giant if I didn't have any weapons? I closed my eyes and tried to visualize a bazooka, beside me, and I immediately realized my mistake. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES IN A LD. I struggled to open my eyes; I did open them, but it was too late. The dream went into a FA.
    2. First long lucid, good control, teleport!

      by , 01-05-2014 at 04:39 AM
      I was in some old, old western style house. The kind of place you expect to find antiques and stuff. I was walking around with my mom and my little brother. As soon as I fully entered the dream I started flipping out. I asked my mom, "Wait, how did I get here?"
      "What do you mean?" she says.
      "I was just at Nana's house, so how did I get here?" I plead. I tried recalling driving back to NC or flying or something. "So does this mean I'm still at Nana's house?" She smiles and nods. "So does that mean...?" She grins. "Sweeeet!" I take a look around the house, trying to decide what I want to do. I glance over at the wall, and I see a mirror. Ooh, goody. I stare for a bit confused by what I saw. I saw a body, but my head and part of my neck were gone. There was maybe a couple of inches of my neck left. I didn't see any blood or anything, just skin. Then my mother and brother stood next to me. When I saw them in the mirror they looked like their skulls had been X-rayed, same color scheme and stuff. It didn't really bother me, I kinda thought it was neat. I turned away, and decided to teleport. I couldn't think of any particular place (really wish I had remembered Angel Falls) so I just closed my eyes and did it. I tried to open my eyes before it was done, but it was as if my eyes had been glued shut. I couldn't do anything. (Possibly I DEILD'd? IDK) My eyes open again. I see that I am in a huge building, about the size of a football stadium and the same domed ceiling as well. The room had an orange color scheme. I could see behind me was the entrance, just as white as ever. I felt super dizzy, like I was about to fall and I couldn't control myself. "Oh yeah! Stabilize! I forgot." I rub my hands together for a while and whisper "stabilize, stabilize," over and over. One of the DCs also starts to whisper "stabilize," in my mother's voice, but I couldn't see my mom around me. After stabilizing I look around some more. I'm in an art museum of sorts. There are pedestals with funky statues and weird stuff all around me. I see that Morgan Freeman is one of the artists featured there. Go figure. Then I summon my tulpa Kira into the dream. I solidly look over her form, and promptly abandoned her. (I'm the best.) I recalled me wanting to fly before in a dream, so I jumped onto a wall and jumped back out, willing myself to fly just to fail once again. Being the spastic person I am I change my attention (again) to the lecture that had just started happening. I see there is a stage, with the art on a pedestal with a light over head. The lecturer is sitting on a couple steps leading up to the stage where the art is at. I see a couple of girls sitting there. I felt the sudden urge to kiss one of them, someone who I actually recognized from WL. (Not someone I know very well though.) I sit down next to her and nibble her ear. She looks over to me, almost saying "st-" but sees my eyes, blushes and then doesn't say anything. I lick her from the side, all the way up into her armpit. Weird taste, weird feeling. I close my eyes and go in for the kiss. I hear the DCs around us gasping. The DC giving the lecture tells us to stop over the microphone, like we were committing a crime or something. I feel my lips touch hers, and her tongue slips into my mouth. I have never kissed anyone before, so this whole experience was pretty new for me. Anyways, the dream fades out and my consciousness returns to my physical body. It's like an hourglass. The sand is the consciousness gradually changing, depending on whether you are falling asleep or waking up. I wake up with my eyes closed, reminiscing on this awesome dream.
    3. 3rd Lucid 11/11

      by , 01-05-2014 at 04:05 AM
      I was a spy, sneaking around a corridor. There were giant windows on the right side of the wall. I was talking to someone over a walky-talkie. We kept using funny acronyms to describe situations and what to do during certain ones. I think I had 3 options: to kill everyone in the room, to take a hostage and keep them as insurance and then run away, or simply trying to slip by. I walk into the first big room. It's a library, with a bunch of DCs standing around wearing ski masks and holding guns. I take hold of one of them, disarm him and put him in a choke hold. Then I think to myself, "Wait, wasn't I just in bed? What am I doing?" I drop the dude and try to stabilize by rubbing my hands together, but I faded out before I could do anything.

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    4. 1st and 2nd lucid

      by , 10-03-2013 at 04:48 PM
      I was in a house. No one was there but me. I have a hard time remembering how, but I believe that I was near a lamp midst the darkness in a house. I got the feeling that I was dreaming, but I wasn't 100%. So I walked out of the house and onto the street and I made the sun come up so I could see my hands XD It worked and I did the nose plug as well. My whole body just filled with joy, like shaking, it was so awesome. After that I thought "Lets fly." I tried to jump in the air 4 or 5 times, holding my right arm out super man style. I didn't end up flying.

      I blacked out and woke up. Immediately I nose-plugged and caught the FA. Another wave of joy. I believe I fell out of REM and continued dreaming but I can't remember what. Man, what an experience. This just opens up a new world to me, its just amazing.

      I used the mantra "Next time I'm dreaming I will look at my hands and realize I'm dreaming." and I used RareCola's Night-Time routine guide to incubate the dream state. I'm still just exuberant from the whole ordeal 5 hours after waking up

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