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    The Tales of Brother Goose

    June 2015 TOTM

    by , 06-04-2015 at 09:21 PM (443 Views)
    Recall begins as I give up attempting to WILD in some sort of sports complex (this is typical of my failed WILD attempts. I start the dream somewhere else discouraged that I'm unable to WILD...). Head to the gymnasium to look for something to do. My friends are in a corner taking part in some sort of calisthenics program and the opposite side of the gym in being taken up by people throat chanting. I can't find a quite place to sit and meditate/try to WILD again so I decide to leave.

    I get in my car, texting my friends that I'm leaving, and begin to drive away. However I have very poor control over the car! Accelerating/braking isn't working as it should and I keep accidentally swerving into wrong lanes. This has been a common dream sign for me lately. I become lucid and RC to confirm.

    First order of business? Joy ride. I speed around for 5-10 seconds before realizing that my ability to drive has not improved. I notice trees lining the road, remember the TOTM, and walk towards the tallest of them.

    I begin to climb (feels very realistic!!). Soon, however, I am climbing the tree in a house (as if the house were built around the tree), and then I'm at the top (much sooner than expected). I try to get to the very very top but the branches are too weak and the tree breaks. I make a racket and run away before anyone can investigate.

    Across the street I notice a much bigger tree and walk over to try and climb it. I'm somewhat surprised to notice that my car is right where I left it. As I approach the tree I intend to change gravity to climb it (as there are no branches until much higher up the tree) as ~Dreamer mentioned doing. As I arrive though I notice the base of the tree fenced off with a single opening. Going through the opening and there are perfectly shaped hand/footholds available to climb the tree!

    I climb about 15 feet (hard to tell because the tree is much less steep than I would have thought. I don't even need my hands to climb at the start) before my vision starts to fade to black and ultimately disappear. I briefly have what I interpret as a conversation with my subconscious asking whether I would like to attempt to DEILD or wake up and write it down. I chose the later.
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