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    David Beckham weird dream/2 fragments

    by , 05-29-2013 at 11:11 PM (605 Views)
    In the first dream(At least the first I can remember) I had(In the dream, I'm not a weirdo haha) touched some like kid that's like 5 or 6 and I didn't mean to but his Dad was like ready to kill me kinda thing with anger. I had to face up to him but really didn't want to. At the time I was in some house and outside there was like a friend reunion and my friend Sean was there who I haven't seen in like a year and a half and I was pumped to hang out with him so I went outside and he had a ponytail(LOL) and he seemed very different and we went over to my friends group and they were like really weird now that Sean had arrived for some reason it was really weird.

    End of non-lucid fragment.

    Second fragment

    I was exploring through these fields and I found a house and it was David Beckham's(I know, weird). I went up to say what's up and he gave me like an email address where I should contact him that he'll actually reply and not the regular fan-mail "Never answer" type thing.

    I got in contact with him and got him to show up when my friend Zak was there(Zak's idol is Beckham, he has his hairstyle etc) and I was like haha this'll be so beast so I got him to come along and Zak was trying to take a picture on his phone of him and Beckham face to face cause it looked beast but his phone ran out of battery which annoyed him. Then it felt like me and Beckham were kinda friends which was awesome haha.

    End of fragments.

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