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    Harry Potter/Spell casting Dream

    by , 04-25-2013 at 11:57 AM (471 Views)
    So last night I was trying to have another WBTB WILD, but my alarm didn't go off so tonight will have to do instead.. But anyway, I can recall 4 vivid dreams from last night. This one was me outside my house and I as talking to my brother in his room upstairs through the window, and then he was like "oh shit", And I'm like "What?" And then this like sorcerer came out the ground a few metres in front of me and summoned this huge purple and black/grey ball of sort of I don't know, magic haha But I jsut remember feeling like oh shit this spell is going to kill us. So I used a spell called something close to "Shining light" Or "Shining beam" or something, which was this HUGE area effect yellow blast of energy that kills anything bad in the area, but took like a TON of my magic capability. And once we got rid of that sorcerer. I was like, wait a second, I'm freaking dreaming! And I became lucid, And it was really juicy, like it was so vivid that I felt like the dream was really stable, so I was like right I'm going to do some BEAST things here So I thought I'd start by looking at my hands, they were blurry like so much, then I did my other reality check which is push my hand through my other hands palm, but it wouldn't go through, instead my hands were like SO blurry I was SO happy I attained lucidity after a failed WILD anyway And then I was like alright I'm going to fly, So I jumped up and sort of floated around a little, then my lucidity started to fade alot, and I tried rubbing my hands together which helped a little, but I just lost my lucidity and that point. Then I woke up, went back to sleep, and entered the same dream without being lucid, and I was flying around with my brother Liam, and he was like "Oh my god is this the tunnel that you were telling me about?" (I don't get that but yeah ) and I was like "Yeah" and we were flying through this tunnel at night and it looked really awesome, then we went down this like tunnel and sort of crash landed haha, we were in the really dark room. And there was a rat there and I tried to use "Avada Kadavera" (The spell from HP) on it, but the green energy from the wand would come out but not the spell. And then I was arguing with Liam about using an illegal spell. Then we got back inside after being trapped in the room for a while. And my Mom and Dad were like "Where's your new shirt?" (They had bought me a really nice shirt that was white/Orange checkered the day before) and I was like "Oh shit it must be in the tunnel still" and then dream ended.

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