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    Academics; Kitten Bomb

    by , 11-22-2013 at 09:18 AM (614 Views)
    Original entry dated July 12, 2002:

    I was on a campus and it had really big buildings, only they were built in trees. And there were obviously lots of stairs involved. I had a chemistry lab class in one of these buildings, but just outside the door to my classroom was an arcade, and I wanted very badly to buy some nachos because I was hungry, only I was afraid the teacher would return while I was waiting in line and then I'd get in trouble. And then I went home, and for some reason Lucy and Ricky Ricardo were our next door neighbors, and there was a convention going on where they were showing all sorts of different movies, because it was the big debut of some much-anticipated anime, only I missed almost all of them because I was asleep or in class. Then something kept biting me while I was in bed (in my dream) and leaving huge welts and nasty scars, so my aunt and I searched my bedding and found a fuzzy grey worm that she said was a "ragamuffin" and was responsible for my wounds. It was about an inch long and grey with darker grey stripes, and it had a face like a raccoon.

    Original journal entry dated July 13, 2002:

    I had a dream that kittens were hanging from little cocoons on the wall, staring at me and buzzing.

    Kittens were on the wall, all across the wall, like spiders, with sticky feet, in little cocoons, just staring at me. Just STARING. They wouldn't stop.

    It made me so nervous, being watched like this. Watched like a bug, and I just KNOW they're planning something, because they're actually devious little spawns of Satan, and that their heads would explode.

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    1. DreamscapeGoat's Avatar
      So did their heads explode or what? Little unclear on that.

      Also, ragamuffins should totally be a legitimate creature.
      Bubble likes this.
    2. Bubble's Avatar
      Their heads did not explode, although that would have been another layer of creepy.
    3. ToastAddict's Avatar
      Not the kitten bombs! Anything but that...