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    by , 11-25-2013 at 09:50 AM (442 Views)
    I dreamed that C lived here, and I was living with him. My mother had also moved here. The place C had was pretty nice, but I was irritated because he was ignoring me. I was thinking of moving in with Mom, but my brother was already living with her, and the place was pretty crowded. At first, Mom lived somewhere niceish, with cool painted/tiled ceilings, but then she moved somewhere less nice with more rooms. It had ugly leaves painted on the walls and ceilings (the walls were a gross yellow, the paintings were brown). I couldn't live alone, because I didn't have enough money to.

    At some point, I was riding the train downtown, and I realized I was dreaming. I tried to fly through the ceiling but got "stuck" and had what I believe was a FA. Then the apartment dream (from above) started up again from where it left off.

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