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    Back on the horse

    by , 10-24-2015 at 05:53 PM (362 Views)
    I've gotten really lax about making regular dream journal entries. I know they're really important for lucid dreaming... even if all of my dreams aren't lucid.

    I honestly don't remember much about what I dreamed about last night, possibly because I woke up because my neck hurt. No lucid last night, though.

    I don't remember a lot. I remember a color theme of dark blue and blue-black. My lack of memory isn't surprising, since those colors might mean that I spent time in a dim dream without much detail.

    Something about an outfit or costume someone gave me. Something about putting on black striped leggings/tights. The original pair got shrunk in the dryer, but in the dream they fit again.

    There may have been horses. I'll think about it throughout the day, and maybe fragments of it will come back to me.

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