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    Clock Watchers

    by , 05-10-2008 at 02:49 AM (304 Views)
    Original dream dated May 9, 2008:

    I had several dreams, probably around 4, all of them related by the fact that the characters in the dreams all passed through the same downtown bus station. The buses all went to different, and distant, destinations, but each main character (or busload of people) witnessed four disembodied hands that popped into existence and flew around like birds. This scared them, because they knew it didn't "belong" in their world, although they weren't all sure why. It was evidence of some interdimensional leak.

    One busload had orphans on it, the dream followed them but I can't remember much, beyond that they were also anthropomorphic puppy children and I think there were three of them. One dream dealt with a superhero who had a vision of being a little boy trapped in the closet of a burning building - the little boy himself had been prescient, and had seen this coming and been unable to prevent it despite telling his mother about it minutes beforehand. His parents had been fighting, he had left the stove on, it exploded somehow, killing his father and starting a massive fire, and he hid in the closet and locked the door. His mother was pounding on it, trying to get him out. He escaped by crawling down a chute into the basement. There were gremlin/rat things in the basement that had orchestrated this whole thing, all to get him on their side, so they could steal a magical hat that his sister had - but he only had a sister in an alternate world. They successfully stole the hat while he distracted her, but I'm not sure what happened after that.

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