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    Detective Tiger [lucid]

    by , 10-21-2015 at 05:59 AM (471 Views)
    I've had a lot of lucids, semi-lucids, etc. lately, and I'm so bad at recording them. I even forget some of them. When I first started practicing, I would have said that's crazy talk, but it's like remembering stuff from your day to day life. After you live enough days, the details of what happened during each one get hazy.

    I'll record the one from last night, though.

    In this particular one, I realized I was dreaming while I was waiting for a train on an elevated train platform that doesn't exist along that particular rail line.

    It was dark and stormy at the time, just generally nasty weather, and it was extremely late (like 4 a.m. late/early) and I was thinking about how tired I was going to be... then I realized that this train platform doesn't exist, and I don't work at the job I was thinking about any more.

    The weather immediately switched to daylight/dusk. I hopped off of the platform into the air and flew along the train tracks, exploring this new and different rail line. I ran my hands along the metal, along the weeds as I skimmed the ground, focused on the feeling of wind, so I could maintain my thread of awareness.

    I flew down into a neighborhood I wanted to explore and found some apartments where there would normally be a metalworking shop. I decided to explore the inside. Inside of the apartment, the walls were sort of orange... everything was decorated like a grandmother might decorate. Sitting at the kitchen table sipping a cup of tea was a bipedal talking white tiger in a grey-brown trench coat and fedora. He was extremely tall, and he carried himself and spoke with a great deal of dignity.

    I decided to see where this was going and told the "detective" that I needed help finding my missing cousin. He was reluctant at first and basically said that he wasn't interested in helping. I was trying to talk him into helping me when my alarm clock went off.

    I'll probably run into Mr. Tiger Detective again at some point. Some characters pop up more than once, and he seems like one who will.

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